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GEMpay: So How Is It Written?

Introduction: What Is GEMpay And What Are Its Intricacies?

GEMpay is a points-based payment system specialized for small business owners and entities. Instead of small business owners being plagued by brokerage fees charged in the normal terminal payment process, small business owners can become the subject of point issuance. By turning the small business entity into the focal component of the point-based system, a business can provide more benefits to loyal and new consumers alike. In the most brief manner of speaking, it is a win-win model for both the business and the consumer.

The direction of GEMpay, like blockchain technology, intends on eliminating the necessity of middle-men and payment intermediaries. The point discount concept has been adopted by GEMpay to increase discounts as opposed to fees, providing numerous benefits for the producer, business and consumer alike! GEMpay is a blockchain based solution as a service. With the innovation of blockchain, merchants and consumers are directly connected. Lets think if the merchant and consumer are two end points in a peer-to-peer network in the Bitcoin network; directly connected, without middle-men. This enables virtually zero commission costs. Unlike traditional financial systems, the core paradigm of the blockchain is “decentralization.” By excluding PGs and VAN companies that have gotten in the middle of the payment process, it is possible to conceive of a “double discount” with GEMpay.

GEMpay aims to become the subject of the service by transparently sharing the transaction process. Payment details and discount rates are shown in a direct and concise manner with GEMpay and enables users to exercise their own choice in operation. This is the ethos of decentralization that GEMpay aims to achieve.

GEMpay transparently shares the transaction process with users, allowing users to be the subject of payment data thereof. Rather than just sharing payment details and discount rates, you can easily check the details of why such a discount is possible through the GEMpay application. This creates efficient and easier services which allow users to exercise choice in a huge platform base created with their own data and aggregation. This will in return increase the actual benefits they will receive.

From the user’s point of view, it is quite burdensome to use coins that are extremely volatile and fluctuate in valuation on a second-by-second basis. BLOCKO intends on creating the AERGO Gem token on the self developed AERGO mainnet to ensure the consistent value of 1:1 value exchange with the KRW. BLOCKO will initially focus on the exchange pair with the KRW. Users can then use the AERGO Gem charged through the GEMpay app into the Korean won.

To use GEMpay, it is necessary to follow these steps provided. To begin, you first must top-up your AERGO Gem tokens. AERGO Gem has the same value as the KRW, and when more users utilize the AERGO Gem on the GEMpay platform, users are able to garner more discounts. So how can individuals charge up their AERGO Gem with AERGO tokens? We want to increase user convenience by supporting the ARC-1 (based on the AERGO native token) and ERC-20 (based on Ethereum) AERGO token.

Since the AERGO mainnet has a Merkle Bridge function, it is possible to recharge your AERGO Gem with numerous different ERC-20 tokens, which include Ethereum. To do this, we need to pull the price for each token, and we need to have an Index for the price. However, there is no reliable index to date. The price shown on the exchange is not a reliable index because the exchange has the lead. If there is a transparent index related to Ethereum in the future, GEMpay will support various tokens through the Merkle Bridge function at any time.
The Merkle Bridge is a technology that enables the exchange between assets of the AERGO blockchain and assets of the Ethereum blockchain.

Because AERGO Gem is charged with AERGO tokens, the GEMpay app also serves as an ‘AERGO wallet’ as well. Users can transfer their AERGO tokens to the GEMpay app seamlessly for storage and recharge with AERGO GEM whenever they want. GEMpay supports both online and offline payments. At offline issuer A, a QR payment is made through the GEMpay app, and at online issuer B, payment is made with AERGO Gem by selecting ‘GEMpay’ among various payment methods such as credit card, Naver Pay, and Kakao Pay.

The issuing point is the subject of point issuance and can initially set the exchange rate of the issuing point points and the AERGO Gem. The moment a user pays with AERGO Gem, AERGO Gem is automatically converted into points at the point of issue. AERGO Gem is then exchanged for points which exclude brokerage fees, so a discount is automatically applied when paying with AERGO Gem. Users simply need to proceed with all payments with AERGO Gem. With this type of payment paradigm, payments become easy and seamless and you receive more discounts.

Issuers can settle accumulated points in the AERGO Gem and periodically receive AERGO Gem in the form of the Korean won currency. Through the GEMpay app, specifically on the administrator page, the issuer can glance and see the contents of the GEMpay payment and can then easily apply for a KRW settlement of the transaction. GEMpay provides consumers and businesses ample opportunities for discounts, efficient payment processes and more use-case for the AERGO token through these various mechanisms.

  • The AERGO Gem can be charged with AERGO tokens (ERC-20 and Native AERGO).
  • AERGO Gem can be used both online and offline.
  • Issuers can settle AERGO Gem in KRW through the GEMpay app on the admin page.



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