Phil Zamani
Sep 13, 2018 · 8 min read

Hello Aergo community,

We would like to thank all of you for your patience since we pre-announced our public Token Distribution Event (TDE) and rewards campaign. With great excitement, we announce that we are now ready to kick the event off. The reason for the delay is that our technology team was building a novel proof-of-value system that allows us to relentlessly filter through the submissions we receive in our rewards program and ensure that we hand Aergo tokens only to the most valuable, contributing, and genuine members of our community.

This new system, called community vector analysis, will allow us to cut out bounty or airdrop hunters and only reward those in our community that will form the foundation of Aergo and lead expansion of the ecosystem. This tool and process will qualitatively and quantitatively measure the impact of contribution, accuracy of statements, the relevance of information, and value provided to stakeholders in the Aergo ecosystem.

This post will outline everything you need to know about the program and how to participate. Before that, we would like to provide a little bit of context to help explain our decision to conduct our public token distribution in the format of a rewards program.

Aergo is not an ordinary project. The reason for this is the team building it. The collective blockchain production and deployment expertise that the team behind Aergo holds is truly unique.

The team here focuses on execution and delivery. Many on the team behind Aergo come from Blocko, a consulting firm that builds blockchain implementations and also provides services to the Aergo organization. The company was founded in 2014 by Won-Beom Kim and made it’s first commercial deployment early in 2015. While most back in 2014 were either utterly inexperienced in blockchain technology, or at best were experimenting with code; the team here identified use cases and actively built enterprise-grade blockchain products for large organizations. Not just creating blockchain proof of concepts — but building commercial blockchains tailored for corporations like Samsung, Lotte Card (licensed by American Express), Cisco, and many more.

Blocko is the largest blockchain infrastructure provider in South Korea; with over 23 deployed products, 25M+ users on some products delivered to clients, and a majority market share in its operating region. There’s a reason the company, which has attracted more than $13.6M in private equity funding, lists multinational corporate investment arms like Samsung Ventures and traditional VCs like SparkLabs Ventures as its shareholders.

Aergo represents a grand vision. Blocko is working very closely with the Aergo non-profit organization to develop the Aergo protocol to solve many of the pain points it discovered while working with over 50 large enterprises on blockchain implementations. It’s a vision that will be difficult to achieve, but not entirely impossible to. It must be taken step-by-step if it is ever to become a reality. The first step is to focus on helping firms re-architect their business infrastructures to not only reduce costs and to increase transparency, but also to improve security by leveraging the many positive characteristics of permissionless networking.

Alongside Blocko, the Aergo organization undertook the task of finding businesses to use the Aergo platform for multiple enterprise use cases. The relationship with Blocko provided Aergo with a large network of organizations to speak with; including many of Blocko’s existing clients, past collaborators, and shareholders. After consulting with multiple companies, the message we have received is that these enterprises would first like to see the Aergo ecosystem expand so that it is more feasible to run business functions on the network.

The organization behind Aergo has, as such, decided to aggressively invest in accelerating the expansion of the Aergo ecosystem by growing all five of its key stakeholder groups: its general community, regional business partners, open-source developer community, technology providers, and future platform users. These programs are what we now call Community Investment Programs (CIPs).

We have decided to conduct a public token distribution event that mutually benefits all stakeholders in the Aergo ecosystem while at the same time distributes tokens to the public. Aergo tokens will be rewarded to general public community members that contribute to the Aergo ecosystem and benefit other stakeholder groups in some way. Only those that make the most significant impact on the Aergo ecosystem and significantly benefit its key stakeholders will be eligible to collect a reward.

In the campaign, 3,275 community members are to be rewarded between US$250 and US$2,000 in Aergo tokens. This program will distribute just over 50% of up to US$3,000,000 in tokens allocated to our public TDE. The remaining allocated tokens are being rewarded to geographic enablers across the world in a second program that runs in parallel.


Rather than judging quantifiable baseline tests typically carried out in bounty or airdrop campaigns, we encourage our community to contribute in a meaningful way without being too specific. We will subsequently judge the long-term value added and quality of contribution from each contributor.

Examples of things you could do:

  • Engage in and facilitate discussions on our official social media channels or discussion forums and communities
  • Share and comment on articles that describe the problems regarding enterprise adoption of blockchain in business and explain how Aergo addresses them
  • Start a thread on a coding forum discussing Aergo’s SQL smart contract engine
  • Produce high-quality content that expands and educates the broader community
  • Translate or partially translate content published by Aergo into your local language
  • Express your knowledge and understanding of Aergo in whatever way you best can
  • Make referrals to future community members that deliver exceptional value to Aergo’s major stakeholders (only members that deliver value)

Remember to be bold, and consider the long-term vision for Aergo above all else. Additionally, watch out for a new post in the coming days with more information explaining our fourth-generation platform credentials.


On October 1, we will push a submission form out on our official website. The submission form will ask for:

  • Any and all of your social media or communication handles (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc. as well as your email address)
  • (optional) Links or references to up to three of your best content contributions (e.g. articles, white paper translation, etc.), and (optional) links or references to up to three of your best community contributions (e.g. Reddit response discussing Aergo, screenshot of Telegram discussion in external groups, proof of hosting an offline meetup, etc.)
  • A 200-character description of Aergo to show your understanding of the project

The submission period will go on for seven days, while it will also still be possible to make contributions. The deadline for submissions will be October 14, after which no further submissions will be accepted. We encourage all participants to continue making contributions after the deadline date to show long-term dedication and potentially be included in future CIPs.

This new community vector analysis tool will attempt to cut out the expected bounty hunters and bots that may use mechanical Turk technologies to fool our system. Any potential bots or bounty hunters will therefore automatically be eliminated from the selection process.

Our in-house analyst team will review every single application and give careful consideration to each applicant. To best impact our ecosystem and truly benefit our stakeholders, we will be selective and pick only the most impactful participants that truly understand what we’re attempting to achieve with Aergo.

We are following this path to remain truthful to our cause and be transparent to our community. In short, this is done to ensure tokens are given out only to those genuine value-adding members in our general public stakeholder group and not to those who have no commitment to the platform and our mission. Early supporters to the Aergo project will be given priority in the selection process.


In this general public rewards program, the following rewards (equivalent in Aergo tokens) will be given out:

  • US$250 will be rewarded to 2,000 Tier-2 contributors.
  • US$500 will be rewarded to 1,000 Tier-1 contributors.
  • US$2,000 will be rewarded to 275 contributors selected to be global ambassadors that must show exceptional dedication and talent beyond contributing.

Tier-1 and Tier-2

Internally, our analyst team will qualitatively score each contributor. The top 1,000 scoring contributors will be assigned as Tier-1, and the next top 2,000 scoring contributors will be assigned as Tier-2.


Prospective ambassadors will optionally apply to become an ambassador and fill out a brief questionnaire describing how they could benefit the Aergo project longer-term. These individuals will be able to select additional responsibilities that they could undertake. If these responsibilities are fulfilled, ambassadors will be given the exclusive opportunity to form a relationship with the Aergo organization as well as collect their US$2,000 reward. This relationship could include ongoing access to special events and contact with key Aergo team members in the future.

Terms and Conditions

Due to regulatory restrictions, U.S. and Chinese citizens will not be eligible to collect a reward as part of this program. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause.

Please fully review our terms and conditions here before entering this program.


  1. Contribution (now to 14/10): Contribute in a way that benefits Aergo’s key stakeholder groups.
  2. Submission (1/10 to 14/10): Fill the form out, link your social media accounts to validate your submissions to us, and receive an additional email confirming your submission. Once you submit your form, you will be able to sign in and edit your form until the deadline on October 14.
  3. Selection (15/10 to 25/10): Our analyst team will use our novel vectoring system and select 3,275 participants to reward with Aergo tokens.
  4. Post-selection and KYC/AML (25/10 to 28/10): If selected, you will receive (i) a confirmation email from Aergo informing you of your selection, (ii) details of which allocation you are being included in, and (iii) further instructions to complete the KYC/AML process. This is also where you will be submitting your public Ether address, so make sure you have a secure Ether wallet accommodation established before this date.
  5. Token Generation Event: 500,000,000 Aergo tokens will be created and distributed according to the token distribution plan. All reward tokens earned will be granted to selected participants by the Aergo organization.

Moving forward

Throughout the contribution period, the Aergo organization will be publishing further content to communicate our core messages and provide more precise information for our participants so they can better understand the Aergo project. In the future, the Aergo organization will also consistently provide updates regarding research and development of the Aergo protocol, growth of the ecosystem, and growth of Aergo’s key stakeholder groups. Be sure to join us on our social media channels to remain updated:

The Aergo public Token Distribution Event officially begins now!

— Team Aergo

A Korean version of this post is available here (한국 구독자분들께서는, 다음의 번역된 버전을 읽어주시길 바랍니다).

Aergo blog

Enterprise-ready, open-source hybrid blockchain and easy-to-use serverless cloud platform for building practical decentralized apps and business solutions.

Phil Zamani

Written by

Chairman and CEO of the AERGO Foundation, CEO of the board at Blocko Inc.

Aergo blog

Enterprise-ready, open-source hybrid blockchain and easy-to-use serverless cloud platform for building practical decentralized apps and business solutions.

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