Phil Zamani
Apr 30 · 4 min read

Dear Aergo community,

This is the last post in the 419 campaign series. But the end of the 419 campaign only marks the start of something even greater.

The 419 campaign was designed around our mainnet launch to cover the whole of April. The whole campaign was around four main objectives:

  1. Elaborating on the story behind Aergo
  2. Explaining what the Aergo mainnet is and how we came to launching it
  3. Signifying that the Aergo mainnet launch means through a series of announcements
  4. Building the foundation for the next phase of the Aergo master execution plan

Any mainnet launch is an important event and we believe Aergo’s hybrid blockchain architecture will help us to grow into one of the most widely adopted blockchains over the coming years.

From the last 23 days, here are some highlights:

Then, looking ahead:

The 419 campaign should give everyone a bit clearer picture of our technology, our business approach, and how we plan to expand our ecosystem throughout 2019. We have a comprehensive marketing plan to tackle our three main focus areas: developers, enterprise companies/partners, and the crypto community.

We do have some further programs to announce around developers and our first dApps, but that’s all we could squeeze in for April!

We are frantically working on our next QPU and we’ve just launched a poll in our Telegram if you’d like to choose something for us to cover in that quarterly report. This should allow us to dive into more depth that we could through the 419 campaign.

The Aergo 419 Starmap

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed the images we’ve posted with all of the fifteen announcements. You may have wondered what the significance of these images is, or if they’re just for artistic decoration.

Notice anything different about any of the individual constellations?

Well, we can now reveal they have a deeper meaning.

The way to think of the Aergo ecosystem is like a map of constellations. On a micro level, each individual constellation in our ecosystem plays a key role. It functions with a set of stakeholders benefiting mutually on smaller networks.

But zoomed out you see that there are many constellations that are working simultaneously to make up the bigger picture.

This is what we are working on, growing our starmap, creating new constituents and as a whole, building the Aergo ecosystem. The 419 campaign should have shown you the first taster of that.

We don’t want to position the 419 campaign as a ‘marketing campaign’ of any sort. We don’t want to make this seem like an effort to make a big bang for our mainnet launch.

We want to position the 419 campaign as a series of items that explain the long and complicated story Aergo has in a simpler and more deconstructed way than we previously have.

It’s the foundation for what comes next; real adoption, real clients, real developers using the Aergo technology stack.

The webpage will remain live (though it may be tweaked for future website design revamps). From now on, it will serve as a reminder on what Aergo is really about. We’ll look back at it in 5, 10, or even 20 years from now and understand how far we have come by looking at where it all began: and it all began with the things we explained in 419.

And we invite our community to do the same. When you share Aergo with your friends, use the 419 webpage to help them understand the grander vision behind it all. When you need a reminder of why you’re involved with this project, revisit some of the articles you read throughout the 419 campaign.

The 419 campaign is just the beginning. With Aergo’s mainnet having launched and the foundation for the future being set, our journey hits a major milestone and now begins accelerating towards greatness.

— Team Aergo

P.S.: Watch this space for our QPU which will go out soon!

Aergo blog

Enterprise-ready, open-source hybrid blockchain and easy-to-use serverless cloud platform for building practical decentralized apps and business solutions.

Phil Zamani

Written by

Chairman and CEO of the AERGO Foundation, CEO of the board at Blocko Inc.

Aergo blog

Enterprise-ready, open-source hybrid blockchain and easy-to-use serverless cloud platform for building practical decentralized apps and business solutions.

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