Official Release: Aergo Mainnet 2.0

Hunyoung Park
Nov 29, 2019 · 2 min read

A Voyage to the New world

Many people have been curious about the hype for blockchain, much like the surfacing of the Internet when it took on a more recognizable form in 1990 with the introduction of the World Wide Web.

Though in the crypto space, we are seeing a step-away from purely hype-driven projects and are entering a major shift in the markets as more institutions and real businesses are applying blockchain; and looking from a lens at which how it can improve their processes and unlock further opportunities. So.. where is the practical value in blockchain?

To answer this question, we can look at the past deployment history between BLOCKO and Aergo. We’ve tapped into many areas, but most notably, Identity Authentication, Payment Settlement, Secure e-voting, Document Management, and the Internet of Things. Most you can find in BLOCKO’s use cases page.

There are many more areas which we’re working towards, but we see that to further expand our ecosystem and bring additional value to the Aergo Network, calculated changes have to be made. Which is why you are here reading this article.

We are proud to announce that we have just launched our latest Aergo Network Protocol (Mainnet 2.0) and it’s got some killer features which we’d like to go over in this article.

Seven months have passed since the Aergo Mainnet launched in April. In the meantime, we have used the Aergo network primarily in many business cases. The network’s protocol was required to support anchoring cases applied to many corporate businesses and projects, even AERGO GEM in a smooth manner. In addition, the public had pointed out that the security of the public blockchain is important for the ecosystem, along with the incentives provided by the network for participants.

Aergo Network’s 2.0 release aims to enhance Aergo’s network functionality and introduce our incentive systems to become a more mature public network. In addition, the DAO offers an avenue for participants to express their opinions.

We have prepared the following:

  1. Voting rewards: To stabilize the network and provide more incentives to the community.
  2. Delegated Fee: Provide the ability to pay for public chain transactions directly by the service provider rather than by the end user.
  3. Fee 2.0: A more accurate and fair fee system
  4. DAO: Distributed governance improved with input from participants

Each one has great significance, and each will be introduced through a different article each day starting from today. Please keep your eyes peeled as we release more each day! (Hint: Voting Rewards coming up)

Join us on our Discord server for any technical inquiries. Visit our website to learn more about Aergo. View our source code on GitHub.

Stay up to date on our Twitter, Telegram, YouTube; and be sure to join our WeChat and Kakao communities.

Aergo blog

Enterprise-ready, open-source hybrid blockchain and easy-to-use serverless cloud platform for building practical decentralized apps and business solutions.

Hunyoung Park

Written by

Board Member of the AERGO Foundation and CTO at Blocko Inc.

Aergo blog

Enterprise-ready, open-source hybrid blockchain and easy-to-use serverless cloud platform for building practical decentralized apps and business solutions.

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