The Establishment Of The GEMpay Visual Identity

GEMpay Intends On Establishing Visual Identity

Introduction: The Importance Of Visual Identity

What is GEMpay, it is an important question to answer before delving deep into the intricacies of visual identity. GEMpay is a service that aims to create a new experience and practical benefits through a simple point payment service based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is an immutable and trustless system that enables GEMpay to operate effectively and transparently. The brand’s slogan is as follows “the double discount if there is a GEM.” According to the announcement of the National Statistical Office and the Korea Consumer Agency, the size of the Korean point market is estimated to be about KRW 20 trillion (approximately worth 16.5 billion USD) as of 2019, and it is showing an increasing trend of more than 10% every year.

As the e-commerce industry has grown substantially in both activity and revenue building, the point market continues to grow substantially. The primary point however seems to accompany a concept known as “the mask of benefits”, a silhouette or an illusion of benefits for the consumers. In the case of Starbucks, the deposit amounted to 200 billion won in 2020, but there was no real benefit to consumers. “The deposit is huge, but why is there no benefit for the consumer?” GEMpay intends to solve this problem by using blockchain based technology. By operating by the point called ‘AERGO GEM’ with a stable token mechanism that guarantees 1:1 value with Korean Won, we intend to provide consumers with a new experience of “blockchain-based simple payment’ and a real ‘double discount benefit.”

💟The Beginning: Blocko Creates The Payment Service

As Easy As Stacking Legos: This Is Blocko

“Blocko”, which has planned and created the GEMpay service, is a company who envisions a paradigm “to create a world where anyone can easily use blockchain even if they don’t know blockchain.” In order to make it simple for anyone who isn’t familiarized to utilizing blockchain without the awareness of actually using it, it is incumbent to help experts who are familiar with blockchain technology to easily implement the technology into preexisting applications. This requires disruptive collaboration and paradigm shifts that are not limited to existing systems and industries.

Standardizing Blockchain Through Familiarity

💟Now More About GEMpay: As Easy As Stacking Legos

Blocko created the GEMpay service with the philosophy of pursuing ground breaking cooperation and making blockchain as easy as stacking Legos. So, if you look closely at the GEMpay service logo, you can find that it is similar to the Blocko logo as well. Although GEMpay is a blockchain-based service, specific keywords have been extracted based on the service’s goal of the service being efficient, fun and easy to utilize without understanding the basic mechanisms of blockchain technology. Simultaneously, through GEMpay, our goal is to ‘enable everyone to use points safely and well’. Now how is utilizing GEMpay easy and effortless, it is important to highlight how such a claim is valid.

GEMpay is an app-based service that will provide an easy blockchain-based payment experience to everyone, whether on/offline. Fun: Instead of difficult and unfamiliar terms related to digital currency, easy and traditional terms such as ‘recharge GEM’ and ‘pay with GEM’ are provided, creating a fun experience in all processes from point charging, discount, and payment. Safe: going beyond a simple payment method, we plan to allow users to directly determine the discount rate and risk by selecting an asset management service for deposits. At this time, we want to solve the lug pool risk with the stable token method for asset management services. Smart: it means a smart experience at GEMpay where you can receive a ‘double discount’ rather than a ‘just discount’ when paying with GEM than when paying with cash or card. We also found a commonality between the ‘G’ of ‘GEM’ and ‘jewel’ in the service name, and derived eight key visuals based on this in the infographic showcased above.

Visualizing Definitions And Terms

The Formation Of Familiarized Symbols

Envisioning The GEMpay Prospect Through Visual Representation

A representative symbol was created using the above eight key visuals. The symbol of GEMpay is expressed with the hexagonal shape of the uppercase letter ‘G’ and ‘jewel’ and the block shape of a cube, whichimplies that GEMpay is a blockchain-based service. Formally, it is made to look like a hexagon and a cube by minimizing the effect of lines and gradations, visually conveying simplicity, fun, safety and smartness.

Defining The Color: Aesthetics

Artistic Expression In Logo Conception

The main color of GEMpay was defined as purple with the meaning of “purple ocean.” Purple ocean is a combination of a red and blue ocean symbolizin the creation of a market with new value (blue ocean) by changing ideas in a market with many competitors (red ocean). We think it is a very good expression of GEMpay, which has a competitive edge through a differentiated strategy called “blockchain technology”, while reducing risk in the already established market called “point market.”

💟On February 28, The GEMpay Pre-Registration Page Is Open!

💎Garner The Double Discount If You Have Gempay!



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