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The Great Democratic Solution: The Pikkle Statistic

Introduction: The Amalgamation Of Democratic Governance Within AERGO: Pikkle’s Purpose And How It Works

Pikkle Is The First Blockchain Based Voting And Global Viewer Participation Platform Built On AERGO

It is evident that the democratic process hasn’t been perfected since its inception in ancient India and ancient Athens and it is time for that to finally change 2500 years since its inception. With innovations in immutable and transparent technology, brought on by the blockchain, we as a society have the opportunity to revolutionize the democratic process to promote an equitable environment for egalitarian populism. On the AERGO blockchain exists a voting platform that has been utilized by the Korean Broadcasters Association, an institution that has existed since 1974 with over 40 members of the organization nationwide in South Korea. Pikkle aims to solve numerous issues that plague the democratic process which include: cost inefficacy, voter targeting and fraudulent ballot counts. Pikkle has also identified a major dilemma that has only existed for the last 20 years, with the advent of social media where internet titans can easily manipulate and influence voter participation for the political intent of the platform itself. Pikkle aims to solve that stagnation of democracy and resuscitate the virtue of democratic egalitarianism.

Pikkle operates in a seamless manner where individuals who aren’t adept in the realm of blockchain can utilize this application without even realizing it operates on a blockchain. Pikkle collects users views and assists in their decision making through an app service instead of the traditional cold calling and electioneering paradigms that have persisted in the 20th century into the 21st. Through the immutable and transparent technology known as blockchain, in this case, AERGO, Pikkle aims to prevent stakeholders and platform titans from interfering or manipulating voters; its main vision is to create an equitable environment for all participants. This holds true to the value of its name “Pikkle” a direct amalgamation of the two works “Pick” and “People.”

Data Analysis: Pikkle In Action: AERGO’S Promotion Of The Democratic Process

Blockchain Is The Next Step In The Democratic Process And Through Analysis, We Can See This In Action With Pikkle

Democracy cannot truly be tested for equity without its fair share of data analyst on the basis of actual egalitarian populism through actual elections. At AERGO and Blocko, it is evident that these sister companies understood well that “so-called experts” were not making fair evaluations on the basis of social media cultural voting. It is evident that internet decisions are based on the cultural and political bias’s of the platform itself, and in recent years, many social media platforms, specifically Twitter and Facebook, have been accused of politically drawn motives in the last three American elections. Pikkle resolves such a notion with a dynamic solution: make it impossible for votes to be tampered with by recording all voting results in real-time on the AERGO public blockchain (not private) while simultaneously eliminating high costs of voting that can incur when consolidating government entities and ballot counters, promoting monetary and equitable efficiency. Now the main question is, although all of this sounds incredible, has it been used and proven effective as an application, and the simple answer is, yes, absolutely, numerous times within the Seoul Drama Awards hosted in South Korea.

Data Analysis Continued: The Ceremonial Events That Utilized Pikkle: The Democratic Voting Paradigm Of The Future

Did You Know That Pikkle Has Been Utilized In One Of The Most Prominent Media Events In Asia, Specifically South Korea?

Talk is cheap, and action creates value and vision, and Pikkle does just that. Pikkle was utilized in the Seoul Drama Awards that had a widespread affect throughout South Korea and into neighboring nations as well and it is important to highlight the importance and wide-spread participation that this event created. It is incumbent to realize the immense amount of votes that incurred that Pikkle has created in in just a short amount of time since its inception and you will be shocked with the amount of total votes that occurred with Pikkle. I’m sure you’re curious to see the numbers, and we will get there shortly I promise!

Pikkle is a world-wide phenomenon that isn’t exclusive to AERGO’S country of origin, South Korea and has garnered a foothold in not only East Asia, but South East Asia as well. The Seoul Drama Awards Korean Drama Award was a celebration of the Best Male and Female Actors, the Best Picture and the Best Theme Song. This was a South Korean event and proves the point that Pikkle has a dominant foothold in its home nation as a blockchain alternative to traditional voting mechanisms. The Korean Broadcasting Awards Popularity Award highlighted the Best Entertainment, Actor and Singer Category and the Korean Broadcasting Grand Prize For Best Picture surrounding Variety TV, Entertainment TV, Music Composition TV and Drama TV also utilized Pikkle! Pikkle was also utilized in the 48th Annual Korea Broadcasting Award Show! On the main website, you can see at the top that it specifies, through the utilization of Pikkle “Who will win the Popularity Award at the 48th Broadcasting Awards, vote right now.”

The 48th Annual Korea Broadcasting Award Show and the awards thereof are the most prestigious in the entirety of the entertainment industry in South Korea; did you know that the South Korean President himself directly announces the opening speech for the ceremony. This is a massive feat that cannot be overstated. This event has created a newly established popularity award section to be awarded by the general public beginning this year! BTS, also known as the BTS who has associated and worked with prominent DJs such as Steve Aoki. Fun fact, the BTS have sold over 20 million albums and is the best selling artist in Korean history and have been named in the “Top 100 People In The World.” They have been featured on TIME Magazine and have received numerous awards such as six American Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, 24 Golden Disk Awards, and nominations for a Grammy! BTS became the youngest ever recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit award from the President of South Korea due to their contributions in spreading Korean culture. BTS specified, that they were so moved by the new Popularity Award that they said “I heard that the Popularity Award was made for the first time at this awards ceremony, and I'm grateful that I'm the first winner.” Kim Sun-ho a Korean Actor best known for his work in the television series “Start-Up” and Kim So-hyun who became the youngest actress to achieve the most followers at her age, approximately 10.1 million followers were also presenters as well! Now how does Pikkle play into this prestigious event, well, Pikkle was used in the voting for the newly created Popularity Award and also, directly influenced its inception as a category of award!

Participation In The Democratic Process: The Totality Of Users Under Pikkle

Sometimes I Ponder, With The Immense Amount Of Numbers I Am About To Convey, How AERGO Hasn’t Shaken Hands With The Statue Of Liberty

Data analysis that was collected in this study on Pikkle’s awareness and utility was on the basis of regional information. The event had a staggering amount of users spanning five different nations from East and Southeast Asia. In totality, the Seoul Drama Awards Asia Star Award garnered over 2.5 million votes, basically 1 million more than the residential population of Manhattan. Of the tallied information, approximately 12,396 votes were cast from Taiwan, 2,700 from Indonesia, 136,443 from China, 18,735 from Japan and 2,323,077 million from Thailand. That is already 2,493,351 votes spanning five nations, an outstanding feat of regional importance! The Seoul Drama Awards Korean Drama Award garnered 625,269 votes for Best Male Actor, 834,630 votes for Best Female Actor, 583,212 votes for Best Picture and 1,627,728 votes for Best Theme Song. This event brought in 3,670,839 votes. To add to the prestige of these numbers, Pikkle was also utilized in the Korea Broadcasting Awards Show, specifically in the newly formed Popularity Award! The Korean Broadcasting Awards Popularity Award garnered 127,059 for Best Entertainer, 553,437 for Best Actor, and 1,118,006 in the Best Singer Category. Do the math my friends, that’s another 1,868,006 votes! Lastly, the Korean Broadcasting Awards For Best Picture brought in 3,418 votes for Variety TV, 2,594 for Entertainment TV, 1,177 for Music Composition TV, and 4,547 votes for Drama TV. A total of 11,736 votes were cast. TNow do the math, in total, Pikkle enabled 8,044,428 votes, a staggering feat!

The Affect On The AERGO Mainnet: No Problem At All!

The AERGO Blockchain Handled These Events Like A Champion!

During the event, a total sum of 2.7 million transactions occurred on AERGO during the voting period, which is the largest number of cases in which the AERGO blockchain has been utilized. This data proves that AERGO can withstand over 200,000 transactions a day and 3 events per second. In large-scale of things, specifically surrounding the real-time voting that occurred resulting from these events, where records are lost due to a large number of concurrent viewers, the AERGO mainnet blockchain had stable data processing without any loss whatsoever even in cases with up to 70,000 concurrent users, 16 awards at 4 awards. In the category voting, a total of 8 million votes were successfully counted, and the maximum number of votes in a single category was 2.32 million; the AERGO blockchain, through these events, has proven itself as an extremely capable and effective blockchain platform that can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per-day. There was only a slight issue that occurred due to the nature of blockchain, not because of any issue with the AERGO mainnet itself. Resulting from the immutable feature of blockchain technology, when the initial organizers requirement to involve as many users as possible were set, they could not be changed in the middle of the voting process. The AERGO team understood this greatly, and intends on utilizing this process for future voting cases to emphasize the importance of setting initial requirements before utilization.

Conclusion: Pikkle, The Future Of Democratic Function

Pikkle Is A Blockchain Voting Platform That Will Only Expand Its Utility In The Future So Stay Tuned!

Based on the results of the utility of this application in accordance to the amount of votes that were cast, it is evident that Pikkle has solidified its ability as a unique and expansive blockchain voting platform that is here to stay, and will only grow substantially in the future. When it comes to applications, peak user experience is necessary to cause a “peak of interest” and there are many functions in the works for Pikkle. Pikkle is not going anywhere, Blocko isn’t going anywhere and neither is AERGO and these statistics prove that notion.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing and gambling requires substantial risk, do not invest or gamble more than you can afford to lose! I am not a financial adviser and I am not responsible for any of your trades. It is incumbent that you always do your own research before investing in anything!



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