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25 Million Acres and Counting

Putting the world’s largest drone data repository to work for our customers

It’s been a banner year for the commercial drone industry. The FAA certified over 60,000 commercial drone pilots. Large companies launched and scaled drone operations. And DroneDeploy customers mapped more acres than ever before.

You may remember our 10 million acre announcement last March. Well, you’ve been busy since then. Today, we’re pleased to share another milestone with you: 25 Million Acres Mapped.

Over the last year, our customers have put DroneDeploy to work mapping more fields, job sites, and structures than the previous 3 years combined. Here’s a look at what that means for our customers and the future of drone mapping.

Our Customers Are Growing

You’re mapping more than ever, and your businesses and in-house drone programs are growing. And we’re growing with you.

Over the last year, DroneDeploy has seen significant growth in enterprise drone adoption

We’re seeing major companies fly fleets of drones to generate aerial insights on demand with DroneDeploy. As your company becomes more reliant on drone data to operate, we’ve introduced some new features to make management, collaboration, and sharing more efficient for teams of any size.

Leading the Industry in Flight

Each month, DroneDeploy helps customers complete more than 40,000 flights and 150,000 miles of flight

Each month our customers complete more than 40,000 flights around the world with DroneDeploy. That’s about 150,000 miles — or 6 trips around the earth — and roughly 4.5 million acres mapped each month.

We recently introduced some exciting new updates like 3D Mode, Obstacle Avoidance, and improved offline operation to help you make better maps. And there’s more in store as we continue to implement your feedback. The more you fly with DroneDeploy, the better the experience will be.

Processing Maps at Scale

People aren’t just flying with DroneDeploy, they’re processing maps too. Our customers are now mapping at scale. Today we process more than 2 million images a week and thousands of maps each day.

To support the increased workload we’ve made improvements to our infrastructure and simplified the map processing workflow. It’s never been easier to process with DroneDeploy.

Mosaic of ground control point data processed with DroneDeploy

Learning from the Data

Drone data is powering every industry from archaeology to agriculture. And we’ve been hard at work learning from your maps. This has translated to some exciting changes to our mapping engine.

We’ve made it easier to map late-stage crops, use ground control points (GCPs) to make survey-grade maps in minutes, organize projects with folders and user permissions, and overlay design plans.

Partnering with the Best in the Business

DroneDeploy is more than just a software program; it’s a platform. We’ve opened up our platform to everyone — making it possible to build apps through our App Market or integrate our software with your favorite industry tools. There are already more than 60 integrations available.

DroneDeploy’s ecosystem includes industry leaders in hardware, software, insurance and training

We’ve also teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry to help you scale operations. We’ll help you train your team, hire pilots, get insurance, and find the best hardware.

Looking Ahead and Sharing Our Gratitude

So, what’s next? We’re on a mission to make drone data accessible and productive for everyone. This is just the beginning. We see a future where there is a drone on every job site.

We’ll be using all this mapping data to further simplify your workflows as we explore new ways to flex our machine learning muscle and improve our computer vision technology. We’ll also keep partnering with fellow industry leaders to provide the best possible solution for drone mapping. It’s safe to say the next 25 million acres holds a lot of improvements — and even few surprises — for our customers.

In the meantime, we’d like to say Thank You to our customers. Thanks for selecting DroneDeploy as your platform of choice, making us the most popular flight app in the industry, and processing more than 25 million acres of maps around the world.

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Get Started with DroneDeploy

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