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Credit: Ag One Solutions

Count Plants and Analyze Stand Establishment

DroneDeploy Teams Up with Ag Tech Companies Aglytix and AgriSens to Offer New Tools for the Growing Season

Stand Analysis You Can Put Into Action

Rather than evaluating stand establishment by painstaking on-the-ground sampling that only gives you a partial picture of what’s going on in your field, the new tool from Aglytix allows you to get an accurate classification of your entire field. Aglytix is an Ag-focused analytics-on-demand company based in Mankato, Minnesota. Their analytical Solver takes your DroneDeploy map of emergent corn or soybeans and creates a shapefile and report that details crop emergence throughout the field.

A Faster Way to Count Crops

The second tool comes to us from a Serbia-based agriculture tech company called AgriSens that’s combining aerial imagery with computer vision to help growers count individual plants. Where the Aglytix tool focuses on commodity crops like corn and soy, this AgriSens tool shines with seasonal row crops (e.g., tomato, sunflower, potato), in early growing stages and in perennial plantations throughout the year.

“It’s a more efficient and simplified process to get a wider view of a count on an entire field, and it helps us hold the planting company accountable,” said Toshiro.

How to Get Started

Both of these tools are available to all DroneDeploy paid customers and can be accessed directly from the DroneDeploy dashboard. To successfully use these tools, please make sure that your map meets the following imagery requirements:

  • Individual plants are visible in the map

Start Mapping Today

Start your free trial today or learn more about our pricing plans, starting at $99/mo. Sign up before June 30 to take advantage of our special package for agriculture.



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