DroneDeploy Announces Support for Custom EPSG Projections

Export GeoTIFFs in a projection for custom coordinate systems based on EPSG codes

Apr 28, 2016 · 3 min read

By Anya Lamb, Marketing Manager @DroneDeploy

We’re pleased to announce that DroneDeploy users can now export their maps using custom projections for any EPSG code, making it faster and easier for surveyors, government agencies and others to analyze DroneDeploy maps in their local coordinate systems.

What Is A Projection?

A map projection is a reference system used to describe a location on the earth. Because the earth is round, any representation of the surface of the earth needs to be distorted to be shown on a flat plane. Different projections are used to minimize distortion for different purposes. Some map projections, such as those used for large, global maps, aim to distribute the amount of distortion fairly evenly across the globe. Other projections are intended to minimize the amount of distortion in a specific area — these are called local projections. For these projections, the closer the area portrayed in a map is to the geographic center of the projection system used, the less distorted the map will be. Imagine flattening a napkin around a basketball — the center of the napkin will be the “flattest”, least-distorted part of the napkin.

Why Export in a Custom Projection?

Many businesses and government agencies use local projections to ensure maximum accuracy of their maps. Exporting your map in the corresponding projection in which it will ultimately be used makes it faster and easier to extract insights. For drone service provider and beta tester Beau Dealy, the ability to deliver maps in the local projections used by his clients has been a big benefit.

“The ability to export our flights with a custom coordinate system has been a real boon to the way we work. Many times, local government mapping shops use aerial photos based on planar coordinate systems for property valuation and survey. Delivering imagery to the customer in their native projection reinforces a positive working relationship; and means we’ve all got one less thing to worry about!” — Beau Dealy, Apis Remote Sensing Systems

What Custom Coordinate Systems Does DroneDeploy Support?

DroneDeploy supports GeoTIFF export in two standard projections, which are available for all paid plans, starting as low as $99/month:

  • WGS84/EPSG:4326 (most widely-used projection for desktop software like ArcGIS)
  • Web Mercator/EPSG:3857 (used by web applications like Google Maps and Mapbox)

Users on the DroneDeploy Precision plan can now also export maps using any EPSG projection. Simply enter the appropriate EPSG code during the export process.

Learn More About Custom Projections

The ability to export a map using the EPSG custom coordinate system is available for users on the Precision plan. Learn more about plans and pricing. For more information about how to export your map in either a standard or custom projection, check out the DroneDeploy support documentation.

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