DroneDeploy Releases Improved Flight Planning

Shapefile Imports and Location Search Make Flight Planning Easier

Sep 1, 2016 · 3 min read

By Anya Lamb, Marketing Manager @DroneDeploy

Here at DroneDeploy, we’ve recently celebrated two big milestones — our users mapping 5 million acres (and counting!) and raising $20 million in series B financing. We reached these milestones thanks to the support of our users, whose feedback is always pushing us to improve.

Today, we’re thrilled to release an updated flight planning and dashboard interface for desktop, which incorporates a number of key improvements to address specific pain points we’ve heard from users in the field.

New Tools for Desktop Flight Planning

It’s easy to generate a flight plan on your mobile device with just a few taps — but what if you don’t have a data connection? Many of our users — particularly those in agriculture and mining — are mapping in relatively remote areas by planning their flights first on the computer when they have an internet connection, and then syncing them to a mobile device to be used offline at the site. Two changes in the desktop interface make flight planning much easier for these users.

  • Address Search. Where previously users would have to scroll and zoom around the map to find the location they wanted to map, they can now simply search for an address and have the satellite base map zoom in to the correct spot — a huge help when you’re planning a flight that’s far from your current location.
  • Shapefile Planning. Already have a shapefile of boundary of your field or job site? Just upload it and we’ll automatically generate a flight plan. This feature is particularly helpful for areas where the satellite base map is of poor quality or out of date and it’s difficult to visually identify the area you want to survey. Learn more here.

The Dashboard Gets a Slick New Look

If you log in to DroneDeploy on your computer today, you’ll notice that the dashboard looks a bit different — and in fact it looks just like the dashboard on your mobile app! This update is one of the last steps in unifying the user experience between the mobile app and desktop version of DroneDeploy. Given that dashboard layout is already familiar from the mobile app, we won’t describe it in detail here, but we do want to highlight a few features you might have overlooked.

  • Search and Filter. Easily search for a map or filter your list of maps based on stage (complete, processing, plan)
  • Settings. Click on the gear to set global settings like units and max altitude, or to change your payment plan
  • World map navigation. To select a map, you can either find it in the list, or navigate to the map icon on the world map.

To learn more about the new dashboard, check out the updated dashboard overview video in our support center.

We’d love to hear from you!

Have questions, concerns or suggestions about these updates? Just join the conversation on our active user forum and let us know what you think — we deeply appreciate your feedback!

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