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Extending the Power of DroneDeploy with Custom Applications and Enterprise APIs

Improve your drone program by creating custom apps and leveraging our APIs to get the most out of your aerial data

Integrating your operations into existing enterprise workflows is often the fail or fly moment for any new project. Aerial insights from drone imagery are no exception. It’s so important that you — and your team — have access to drone data when you need it most, whether that’s on the DroneDeploy platform, in an internal tool, or using third-party industry software that is part of your existing workflow.

That’s why we’ve made our platform APIs available to enterprise customers. You can now extend and amplify DroneDeploy by building custom applications and automated workflows that scale with your business.

Expand DroneDeploy with Private Apps for Your Team

You’re probably familiar with our App Market, which launched last year. It’s since grown to be the industry’s largest drone data platform, with more than 60 public apps available across nine different industries.

What you may not know, is that our open APIs allow you to build custom, private apps for your team right on top of our intuitive user interface—and deploy them through the App Market.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage our platform to deploy custom apps for flight, analysis, and reporting within your organization?

Here are some examples of how you can use our private app APIs to streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency.

Customize Flight Settings

Quickly generate flight settings based on site location

If you’re consistently flying the same sites to document progress or track changes over time, you’re probably flying with similar flight settings (altitude, overlap, etc.). Why not make it simpler to repeat flight plans instantly based on site location?

With our APIs, you’re able to build and deploy a flight app that generates custom settings based on common locations. This makes flight planning simple, repeatable, scalable, and ultimately reduces the chance of error along the way.

Improve Safety with Pre-Flight Checklists

Safety is a priority for DroneDeploy customers in every industry. And FAA compliance is always top of mind in growing drone programs. What if you could make custom safety checklists part of the flight process directly in the DroneDeploy interface? With our APIs, custom safety checklist apps can be a requirement for every flight. Reduce the chances of equipment and personnel being put in danger and improve workflows with this capability.

With our APIs, custom safety checklist apps can be a requirement for every flight

Generate Custom Reports

Reporting is necessary for any large company to operate. And our publicly available report apps are some of the most popular apps on our App Market today. But larger companies often need custom reports that support their specific workflows to get the job done.

Maybe you want a 2D orthomosaic map and 3D model each time you make a map? Or perhaps you need to share stockpile volumes or site progress updates with your team after each flight? Our APIs make it possible to do just this with a private app for your team.

An example of an automatic site progress report generated using DroneDeploy’s Enterprise APIs

Private apps can make your workflows simpler and more efficient. And they’re just one of the ways you can put our APIs to work to get more out of DroneDeploy and make your drone operation more efficient.

Automate Your Workflows by Syncing and Exporting Drone Data

While private apps can improve workflows for your team, you may be able to further increase efficiency by automating tasks entirely. Our APIs make it possible to do just that. Here are some ways you can put them to use to eliminate tasks that previously required human interaction. Speed up your workflow, reduce the chances of error, and ensure your data is always right where you need it.

Backup Drone Data to Your System of Record

If your company is like most enterprises, you’ve got an internal system of record to store all your data and assets. Our APIs make it simple to automatically backup all the drone data you collect and process on our platform. This means the second you produce a map of your job site, field, or project it can sync to your company’s Box, Egnyte, Dropbox, or Microsoft SharePoint account.

DroneDeploy’s APIs can automatically back up data to your system of record

Export Data to Industry-Leading Software

Like many pros, you likely rely on external software to get things done. If you’re in the Ag industry, you might use John Deere Operations Center or Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) to assist with crop management. If you’re in construction, you might rely on tools like AutoDesk or AutoCAD. If you’re in surveying, you probably use ArcGIS. With our APIs, it’s easy to export mapping data into industry tools so you can do things like integrate drone maps as base layers, or share 3D models with design programs to assist your workflow.

Export data to industry-leading tools like AutoCAD, AutoDesk, and ArcGIS.

Build a Custom UI to Display Maps and Measurements

Many companies have built proprietary internal software tools to power their unique workflows. Our customers have already built custom javascript applications and augmented data inside SalesForce with DroneDeploy maps and measurements. This is possible for all our enterprise customers via our comprehensive suite of APIs.

Create Flight Plans from Data Instantly

What if you could automate flight planning by exporting location data to DroneDeploy? Our newest API makes this possible. Just share geolocation data, and we’ll automatically create a flight plan to fly your structure, field, or jobsite.

Lean on DroneDeploy for Your Map Processing

You may be collecting drone data through an existing process, have years of past data which needs processing, or even wish to white label the map processing under your brand.

Have no fear. DroneDeploy is still the right tool for you. If you’d like to white label our solution and handle image uploading and map display through your internal interface, we can help.

While most customers upload drone data to process through our web interface, DroneDeploy also supports fully automated image transfer and back-end processing services. Our simple to use Map Processing API accepts secure links to image sets and will download and process them into high quality 3D maps, generating your desired set of export data automatically. These are then all available for you to download or query via our APIs.

So let DroneDeploy manage processing and image stitching in the cloud. This means you won’t have to host your servers, and can benefit from our cloud network. You’ll also eliminate the need to hire an in-house engineering team to manage processing and machines — saving you time and money. So you can focus on what matters most: using drone data to fuel better business decisions.

Where To Learn More

If you’re an enterprise customer and ready to explore all that our APIs have to offer, you can get started by reading our support docs on APIs and the App Market.

Want to start developing on the DroneDeploy App Market? This video will walk you through the basics of building apps.

Want to learn more about our drone mapping solution for the enterprise? Check out the complete rundown here.

Interested in what other ways DroneDeploy can improve your team’s efficiency? Read about our one-click collaboration and management tools.

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