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Launching with 15 partners and unleashing the power of aerial data with integrations to Autodesk, Box, John Deere and more

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12 min readNov 4, 2016


By Ian Smith, Business Development @DroneDeploy

Over the last 12 months, drone hardware has become extremely reliable and regulations have become more flexible, driving tremendous adoption of drones among businesses. Here at DroneDeploy, we’ve focused on solving core challenges around drone-based image capture and map processing and powered tens of thousands of drone pilots to map over 8 million acres — an area larger than the entire country of Belgium.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our brand new App Market, the next step in our mission to make aerial data accessible and productive. The App Market enables businesses to unleash the full power of their aerial data with enterprise software integrations and specialized tools built right within the DroneDeploy user interface.

“As a daily user of DroneDeploy for aerial imagery, I’m very excited to see the launch of the app market and all the new applications,” said Shelly Engel, co-owner of Bon Air Drone, a drone service company that has grown to four locations and has been awarded large contracts in the mining and surveying industries. “Their customizable platform is a real game changer in the drone industry.”

We’re proud to launch with 15 incredible developer partners who have worked closely with us to build a combined set of 20 cutting-edge apps. [click to tweet]

And the apps launched today are just the beginning. The possibilities for future apps are limitless!

Explore the App Market

The app market enables businesses to extend the power of DroneDeploy by installing apps in the their account to augment flight planning, logging, data analysis, export and more. Just click on the “Apps” icon within the DroneDeploy interface to browse apps, and then click the button to install.

Click the “Apps” icon to explore the App Market

Apps appear in different areas of the DroneDeploy interface depending on what they do. For example, a flight planning app will appear in the flight planning interface, whereas an export or integration app may appear in the export menu.

Flight apps will appear in the flight planning interface (left), data export sync apps will appear in the export interface

Any DroneDeploy user can install any app, however one must be a paid DroneDeploy customer to use a paid app. Need app support? It’s easy to contact the app developer right from within the DroneDeploy interface.

Keep reading to learn more about the 20 inaugural apps! [click to tweet]

Integrate Drone Data into Your Workflow

Our customers frequently ask us to help them more easily integrate drone data into the industry-standard tools they use every day — and several of the new apps do just that.

Send your maps and models directly from DroneDeploy into your AutoDesk Forge storage.

Using the Box app on DroneDeploy, any user can easily export their map to their Box account for easy sharing.

“We’re really excited to be a part of the growing drone ecosystem,” stated Ross McKegney, Platform Director at Box. “Our partnership with DroneDeploy enables us to help our customers better leverage drone data for their business.”

Import field boundaries from MyJohnDeere for easy flight planning. More coming soon!

Generate a PDF report of your map with measurements and annotations to easily deliver to clients or coworkers.

Bring Your 3D Model to Life

A 3D model from DroneDeploy printed as a full color 3D model by WhiteClouds

WhiteClouds is the largest Full Color 3D printing company in the world — their 3DaaS (3D printing-as-a-Service) currently prints the majority of the world’s full color 3D printed products. Now, using the WhiteClouds 3D Print app, customers can generate a physical full color 3D prints of the models you capture with DroneDeploy. Bridge the gap from digital to physical with the highest quality 3D print of what you capture using DroneDeploy.

“DroneDeploy and their incredible software have the ability to capture incredible 3D content, so it was a natural fit for WhiteClouds to take that content and to bring it to life at the largest Full Color 3D printing company in the world,” said Braden Ellis, Chief Revenue Officer of WhiteClouds. “This automated and scalable solution will bring two disruptive technologies together to add an unprecedented value to our clients.”

Manage Drone Operations and Compliance

From flight logging to insurance, to maintaining compliance with airspace restrictions, there’s a lot more to running commercial drone operations than simply piloting a drone. Apps from our partners help automate operations and compliance tasks so that you can focus more time on flying and delivering data and less time on tracking and reporting.

AirMap is the world’s leading airspace management platform for unmanned aircraft, commonly known as drones. Developed by experts in drone technology, aviation, and policy, AirMap delivers accurate, reliable, and trustworthy low-altitude navigational data and communication tools to the drone industry: inventors of drones & drone technology, drone operators, and airspace stakeholders. The AirMap app brings realtime airspace awareness to DroneDeploy, allowing operators to check for nearby advisories before a flight and get a safe-to-fly indicator.

“We’re excited to bring AirMap’s industry-leading airspace data to DroneDeploy’s platform for commercial operators,” said Daniel Rubio, CTO of AirMap. “Increasing access to reliable information about nearby airspace requirements for drone companies and entrepreneurs improves situational awareness and safety for everyone.”

DroneLogbook helps commercial UAV operators plan, track and manage flight operations & documents required to maintain FAA, CAA, CASA (Other) regulatory compliance. The DroneLogbook Mission Uploader app allows you to automatically upload DroneDeploy missions to your DroneLogbook. A flight record is created with location, drone, and battery info— based on settings from your inventory.

“DroneDeploy recognized the industry need for integrated solutions for commercial drone operators and their App Store was the perfect place to lead the market forward through action not just words.” — Yves Jusot (CEO)

Based in Ireland, Flyte creates dedicated flight planning and management systems for drone pilots driven by our passion and experience in working with advanced mapping and drone technologies. The Flyte DroneDeploy app creates automated preflight checklists for any flight plan, helping pilots identify and address unidentified ground or airspace issues before takeoff.

“The Flyte team are excited to partner with DroneDeploy as both organisations share similar goals towards empowering drone pilots and furthering the UAV industry through cutting edge innovation and emphasis on the power of data,” said Matthew Bradley, CEO of Flyte. “We believe that effective flight planning is the first and foremost ingredient to every successful drone flight and Flyte’s inclusion within the app store is an exciting opportunity for us to offer our unique reporting service to DroneDeploy users worldwide.”

Kittyhawk is drone fleet management software that helps with everything before you fly like flight-planning and airspace to everything after the flight, like maintenance. Kittyhawk has developed two apps.

  • Preflight by Kittyhawk provides real-time, hyper-local weather, space weather, and airspace awareness. Everything you need to know before you fly.
  • Checklists by Kittyhawk enables you to view and run your Kittyhawk checklists directly within DroneDeploy to help foster a culture of safety across your operations.

“DroneDeploy is a leader in helping customers derive insights from the data their drones collect. Now, Kittyhawk can help DroneDeploy customers manage their fleets so they can continue to operate reliably and create a culture of safety.“ -Josh Ziering, Co-Founder & Chief Pilot

NVdrones creates cloud-based tools for drone fleet management through its integrated web and mobile platform. With the NVsync app, users can automatically log DroneDeploy flights in NVDash as well as share beautiful and comprehensive flight summary reports in seconds.

“We partnered with DroneDeploy because we believe in their vision of pushing industry cooperation and standards. Pilots are currently forced to use dissociated tools that lead to large amounts of wasted time and inefficiencies. We are proud to offer joint customers a superior user experience by leveraging their app store capabilities.” -Kevin Mukai, COO

The Skyward platform connects all the people, projects, and equipment involved in your drone program into one efficient workflow. Companies use Skyward to meet their business requirements in order to scale faster and easily manage complex processes. The Skyward app in DroneDeploy enables customers to directly export flight logs from DroneDeploy to their Skyward account.

“Our customers depend on Skyward to be the system of record for their entire drone program, and DroneDeploy has made it even easier for them,” said Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO. “Now, they can send all their flight information directly from DroneDeploy to Skyward with just one click.”

Verifly delivers on-demand drone insurance. With just 2 taps, pilots can purchase $1M of drone liability insurance from $10/hour. Simply choose your take-off point on a map and see an instant price. The app works with any drone under 15lbs.

“DroneDeploy has revolutionized automated drone mapping and Verifly has revolutionized on-demand insurance, so our partnership is a natural fit,” said Jay Bregman, CEO of Verifly.

Tools Tailored for Your Industry

Aglytix is a Mankato MN based precision agriculture and analytics company focused on improving field crop profitability. One of DroneDeploy’s original developer partners, Aglytix has been providing agriculture analytics for DroneDeploy maps since June. The Stand Analysis app uses aerial RGB imagery to determine the number of lost plants. The economic impact is also calculated and can indicate the field’s potential yield at harvest.

“Aglytix is excited to partner with DroneDeploy and help growers become more profitable and sustainable by delivering a seamless solution that includes flight planning, image processing, and analytics,” said George Lindsay, Chief Operating Officer.

AgriSens develops applications to help farmers efficiently manage their crops and plantations by providing actionable insights extracted from drone imagery. The AgriSens application on DroneDeploy provides insights into plant count and sowing quality by counting plants on the scanned area and reporting results compared to the expected number.

“Together, DroneDeploy and AgriSens are minimizing the gap between the potential of booming drone technology and the real efficiencies it brings to the users in agriculture,” said Milan Dobrota, CEO of AgriSens. “AgriSens develops “last mile” applications in order to provide farmers with needed insights, and the DroneDeploy platform that facilitates the execution and delivery of these applications. That’s why the DroneDeploy-AgriSens partnership and the App Market integration is a perfect match to completely answer growing needs of our users.”

AgriSens is also one of DroneDeploy’s original developer partners. Scott Gregory, a drone service provider in the agriculture industry and an early user of the plant count app had this to say:

One grower used a plant count to show that a tomato field contained 26% fewer plants than he had been billed for. Read the case study

“I am able to provide fast and efficient stand count reports to my clients who grow canning tomatoes, which are used to make ketchup, pasta sauce, tomato paste, and countless other tomato-based products we use daily. Better prices for canning tomatoes are typically contracted early in the growing season, and negotiation requires the grower to be confident in their yield estimate. Stand count reports make it easy for growers to estimate their total anticipated yield, and can therefore help them get the most favorable price for their harvest. “ is a cloud-based service that turns aerial imagery into actionable information. Their computer vision software automatically measures, tracks, and reports the status of assets.​ The Stand Count app allows users to count the number of crops automatically. The app will report the number and size of crops.

“Launching the app in the DroneDeploy App Market makes the revolutionizing object detection technology of available to the worldwide community of the DroneDeploy app,” said Camiel R. Verschoor, CEO of “The app provides customers with object detection services to measure, track, and report the status of assets like crops.”

EZ3D offers a complete toolset for automated inspection and precision 3D measurement of properties using low cost drones. EZ3D generates actionable information from DroneDeploy photos to repair or modify roofs. Use EZRoof to view condition in detail and pull measurements to create precise estimates.

“DroneDeploy’s Drone Mapping Directory and widely used autopilot app combined with EZ3D’s EZRoof offering is a perfect match for industries clambering for accurate roof models and detailed inspection imagery available on demand,” said Jim Smyth, CEO of EZ3D

Skymatics specializes in the collection and analysis of drone imagery and data for clients in the Construction and Agriculturesectors. Their Skymatics Crop Damage Analysis app is designed to help farmers and insurers easily use drone imagery to assist with the data collection required for crop insurance claims. The Skymatics App identifies and measures physical crop damage caused by sudden and severe events such as Hail, Fire, Flooding and Wildlife Damage.

“At Skymatics we’ve been using various platforms and software over the years to help with the planning, management and data processing for our drone operations. Out of all of the companies we’ve worked with DroneDeploy has consistently been the most agile platform with the most responsive customer support, so when we were presented with the opportunity to offer our data analysis services directly on the DroneDeploy platform we were thrilled! Having our app on the DroneDeploy platform will not only help our clients quickly and easily send us their data, but will also give us the ability to offer our services worldwide.” -EJ Burrows, CEO of Skymatics

SLANTRANGE is an agricultural intelligence company that develops and markets sensors and analytics systems designed specifically for the needs of farmers. By quickly providing insights from the field, SLANTRANGE gives farmers more control over agricultural land, helping to reduce operational costs and improve decision making. The SLANTRANGE app allows a user to download the field boundaries (with or without annotations) from any of their flight plans. These field boundaries can be imported directly into the SLANTRANGE analytics software, SlantView, to be viewed in the map display or for automatic cropping of maps. Additional features will be added in the future.

“The ability to couple the power of DroneDeploy’s cloud-based solutions with our local processing and analytics will provide a unique set of capabilities to agricultural drone operators across the globe,” said Michael Ritter, CEO of SLANTRANGE. “We’re excited to launch our first app on the DroneDeploy app store and look forward to expanding the capabilities over time.”

TensorFlight uses deep learning to provide actionable insights from aerial data. Their first app on DroneDeploy, called Orchard Intelligence, enables users to automatically annotate and count healthy and dead trees in an orchard and export the detailed report.

“We are excited about this opportunity to apply state-of-the-art machine vision algorithms to maps on the DroneDeploy platform,” said CEO Robert Kozikowski and Zbigniew Wojna, co-founders of TensorFlight.

Become a Developer

The App Market enables software developers to build apps inside of DroneDeploy that any user can take advantage of — and with our new APIs, developers can create integration points that augment their services with the unique power of the DroneDeploy platform. Become a developer on the DroneDeploy platform to:

  • Connect to largest database of drone mappers
  • Access a global distribution channel with simple monetization

It’s easy to get started — check out our developer site to learn more.

Signup for DroneDeploy to Access the App Market

To explore the App Market, first create your DroneDeploy account. Visit or start your free trial today. The DroneDeploy mobile application is available for free download for both iOS and Android devices.



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