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New Releases Improve App Reliability

Version 2.0.42 improves flight, image capture and overall app stability

Spring is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, and our product and engineering teams have been working hard to make sure that DroneDeploy is ready for the busy months of mapping ahead. The last month’s releases focused primarily on one main theme: improving the overall reliability of DroneDeploy.

Improved Reliability in New Mobile App Releases

This week we released version 2.0.42 of the DroneDeploy mobile app to significantly improve stability and reliability on iOS and Android. This app version is the latest in a series of releases intended to reduce some of the most common issues when using DroneDeploy including:

  • Android app crashes
  • Poor image exposure and
  • First person video feed (FPV) interruption
  • Speed of the Android App

In upcoming releases we will continue to address these issues as well as additional ones affecting camera capture reliability and flight interruption.

Reliability improvements extend to the web version of DroneDeploy as well. An update released last week improved map loading speed on the web by an average of 50%, and improvements to uploading and processing large data sets will be coming soon.

Systems and Resources for More Stable Deployments

We’re committed to developing the most reliable drone software platform, and that means not only fixing problems but also making sure we have the processes and tools in place to prevent bugs and detect them before they impact our users. To that end, we have doubled engineering resources working on the DroneDeploy mobile app and improved systems and processes to better identify issues when they occur.

Share Your Feedback

Thank you for continuing to share your feedback and let us know about the issues you experience. If you encounter a problem, please use our new issue report form to easily report it and we will do our best to notify you when the problem has been resolved. Have general feedback or suggestions about how to make DroneDeploy better? Let us know on the forum.




DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at www.dronedeploy.com

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DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones.

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