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Product Release Wrap-Up April 2019

DroneDeploy kicks off spring with the largest product release to date

Create 360° Panoramas and Videos with a Couple of Taps

Create a visual record of your progress with a 360° panoramas.

Inventory Management

Track and Report the Total Quantity and Value of Materials on Site

Stockpile Reports will give you the mass, volume, and value of each material on your job site.

Ready for Growing Season

Real-time Crop Scouting with Live Map HD

Instant Tree Counting with Count AI

Accurate Mapping is Faster Than Ever

Radiometric Thermal Processing

Integrations and Security

Keep Projects on Schedule with Procore and Autodesk Integrations

Integrate your enterprise workflow with the DroneDeploy SDK

It’s Official: We’re ISO 27001 Certified

New to DroneDeploy App Market


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