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Product Release Wrap-Up January 2018

DroneDeploy Adds Checkpoint Support, Retires Orbit Mode, and Releases Calendar View

A new year means new updates from DroneDeploy.

We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on this month, including support for checkpoints. Read on to learn about the latest flight enhancements for 3D modeling, improvements to processing estimates, and an all-new calendar view.

Validate Map Accuracy with Checkpoints

Checkpoints are used to assess the relative and absolute accuracy of a map or model. Using checkpoints, you can now validate how accurate your map is, and compare it to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) standards required for survey-grade* maps accepted in by construction, surveying, and engineering firms.

You can specify that some points are checkpoints when uploading Ground Control Point (GCP) names and locations in the CSV file. Checkpoints do not get processed with your map. Instead, they are used to calculate any errors present in the map. Once the map finishes processing, you can generate an accuracy report showing the checkpoint accuracy.

Read our support doc to learn more about checkpoints.

Goodbye Orbit Mode. Hello 3D Mode.

If you have made a 3D model with DroneDeploy, you’ve probably used Orbit Mode — which automatically captured oblique images — photos pointed inwards toward the center of the mapping area — at the end of a mission. Today, we say goodbye to Orbit Mode and welcome 3D Mode.

We’ve improved oblique image capture with 3D Mode, which is now available to all customers. In 3D Mode, your drone will fly along the perimeter of your flight plan and take a predefined set of oblique images needed for high-quality models.

This high definition 3D model was made using just 40 images collected using the new 3D Mode.

Enable 3D Mode under in the DroneDeploy Dashboard when planning your next flight. Learn more about 3D Mode here.

Map Processing Times are Now 20% More Accurate

We’ve improved the way we estimate map processing times. Now, when you upload photos to DroneDeploy, the time estimate to finish processing a map will be more accurate. More accurate processing times means you can set better delivery expectations with your clients, collaborators, or stakeholders in your company.

Easily Compare Maps Over Time with Calendar View

We have long supported viewing multiple maps made of the same area using a drop-down menu. But to make things simpler, we’ve released Calendar View. Using a calendar, you can now quickly see when you flew a mission over the same site — and compare changes over time.

Even better, if you zoom in or select a plant health or elevation layer, we now maintain the same view when you switch maps. If you fly a site multiple times on a single day, the most recent map will load by default, and you will show a secondary drop-down menu to select the others. This feature is now available to all DroneDeploy customers.

Image Counts Now Visible During Flight Planning

When planning a mission, you need to know how flight parameters such as altitude, sidelap, and frontlap will affect your image count. The latest update makes it easy to see the image count when adjusting your flight settings in the DroneDeploy Dashboard.

Where to Learn More

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Read more about our recent product updates and releases including:

Have questions about the latest updates, features, and capabilities? Get in touch with our team for more answers.

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*Disclaimer: You must be a licensed surveyor to designate a map as survey-grade.



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