Training the Next Generation of Drone Mapping Experts

DroneDeploy and DARTdrones Partner to Educate and Expand a Network of Drone Mapping Experts

Jul 13, 2017 · 4 min read

In the last year, the drone industry has exploded. This has resulted in thousands of certified commercial pilots entering the industry, and hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on drone services.

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The need for drone mapping services for contractors, farmers, miners, and building inspectors is increasing each day. As major industries continue to turn to drones for aerial data, it’s imperative that there be a network of drone mapping experts ready to meet the demands of this new market.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with DARTdrones, the industry leader in drone training and consulting. You may have seen them get their start on Shark Tank when they pitched on episode highlighting the $100 millionth dollars invested in the tank. Together, we’re launching a national training program to create a community of professionally trained drone pilots to meet the rising demand for drone mapping services. The program will begin this fall with its first workshop, Aerial Mapping and Modeling with DroneDeploy.

A Training Course Designed to Meet The Growing Needs of Our Industry

The flagship course is a two-day intensive workshop designed to teach drone pilots how to collect, analyze and export high-quality drone mapping and modeling data. Topics include: aerial mapping use cases, fundamentals of drone image capture, techniques for capturing aerial data for mapping, use of the DroneDeploy platform, and ways to improve map accuracy.

“Our goal is to provide commercial pilots with the training and tools to expand drone mapping into every industry.” — Mike Winn, CEO and Co-Founder of DroneDeploy

The Workshop will be offered three times in 2017:

  • September 9th and 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • September 30th and October 1st in San Francisco, California
  • November 2nd and 3rd in Ashburn, Virginia
A look at the course curriculum designed to jumpstart your career in aerial mapping and modeling.

Learn more by visiting the registration page.

Learn From Commercial Drone Industry Veterans

The two-day course has been designed by DARTdrones and DroneDeploy. We’re providing the opportunity to learn from drone pros with the industry experience to help you get your start in aerial mapping and modeling. Attendees will walk away with the skills you need to effectively gather, analyze and export mapping data to meet the standards of the construction, agriculture, surveying and mining industries.

Meet the course instructors

Jump-start Your Career in Drone Mapping and Modeling

Drone mapping specialization is generating immense value for companies across industries, and in the coming year we expect larger companies in construction, agriculture, mining, and surveying to heavily invest in these services. High quality maps can be produced more quickly and cheaply than with traditional methods, and the demand for drone mapping services is growing rapidly.

“Mapping can be confusing and complex to get into. We are excited that our Workshop will increase the number of qualified aerial mappers in the market.” — Abby Speicher, CEO and Co-founder of DARTdrones

If you’ve been seeking the professional training to get your drone mapping career off the ground, look no further. This workshop is designed to teach you how to use current drone mapping technology to collect, analyze and export high-quality mapping and modeling data for commercial use.

Where to Learn More

Learn more about the nation’s leader in drone training and consultations by visiting the DARTdrones website.

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