Allteck Line Contractors: How Drone Inspection Reduced Time and Cost by 85%

Previously, inspection of the same transmission line has taken over a month to complete.

Aeriosense partnered with Allteck Line Contractors in the spring of 2017 to conduct an automated drone inspection of a transmission line.

What We Did

Aeriosense’s automated drone inspection solution works with off the shelf drone platform paired with sensors required for the inspection, primary HD or Thermal camera, that is automatically guided to and around the structure on a pre-defined flight path. The flight plans are pre-determined and are coordinated using Aeriosense’s unique automated drone inspection software that dictates the drone’s route for inspection without having to actually fly the drone on sight. The system was used to inspect 8–12 poles from a single take off location before being taken to the next section of the transmission line. The drone would then take high-quality visuals and infrared imagery to be collected and analyzed in detail, without having taken the risk or having the need to climb the poles or drive a bucket truck on to the farm fields.

The Results

Using Aeriosense’s automated drone inspection method the team of 2 people completed the inspection in less than 5 days. The inspection reduced the inspection cost by 85% while providing high-quality condition assessment results and lowering the over risks involved when conducting power line inspection.

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