Aerospike Time Series API


Time Series Data

  1. A function allowing the writing of time series observations
  2. A function allowing the retrieval of time series observations
  1. The ability to write data in bulk (batch writes)
  2. The ability to query the data e.g. calculate the average, maximum or minimum.

Aerospike Time Series API

Simple Example



Real Time Benchmarking

Batch Insertion

Query Benchmarking


Real Life Performance



Future Directions

  • Data compression following the Gorilla approach which potentially allows data footprint to be reduced by 90%
  • Labelling of data to support the easy retrieval of multiple properties for subjects. For example, several sensors may be attached to an industrial machine — it may be convenient to retrieve all this series simultaneously for analysis purposes.
  • A REPL (read/eval/print/loop) capability to support interrogative analysis





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