Samuel Miller
Dec 13, 2018 · 2 min read

AERUM is delighted to announce a new commercial partnership with Bethereum, the award-winning blockchain based social betting platform.

AERUM’s Chief Blockchain engineer, Patrick O’Sullivan, described the partnership during an AMA with Bethereum’s community saying, “We will be technical partners; AERUM will provide an end-to-end infrastructure solution for the Bethereum platform which will allow costless transactions and a scalable high-speed network.”

Discussing the reasons for this partnership, Bethereum CEO Giacomo Tognoni said:

“while we still believe in Ethereum as a solid Blockchain foundation, Ethereum cannot cope with the performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness requirements of our platform. This is why we’ve been experimenting with innovative Ethereum sidechain solutions for many weeks already.”

For Bethereum, this partnership with AERUM represents the end of their search for a superior technical solution that could meet their needs. As a global betting platform, they needed the reliability, scalability, and speed that Ethereum simply couldn’t deliver. AERUM brings them all of this, while being far more cost-effective.

As a commercial partnership, this arrangement is mutually beneficial. Bethereum’s network will gain a radical boost in transaction speed, throughput, and overall scalability, while retaining true decentralization and total compatibility with Ethereum.

AERUM, on the other hand will gain the necessary user base to test out and further develop our infrastructure. As a leader in the blockchain betting space, Bethereum has over 16,000 users all over the world, giving AERUM the perfect test case to hone our solution.

The AERUM team is excited to be working so closely with Bethereum, and we bet that this partnership will enable both companies grow in our respective technologies, and better serve our customers.

Aerum Technologies We make Blockchain blossom

Samuel Miller

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Aerum Technologies We make Blockchain blossom

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