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Jan 13 · 2 min read

Aerum is happy to announce, that it had reached an agreement with DEZOS, a Swiss-based personal property rights tokenization ecosystem project, for a technical partnership.

DEZOS fights against crime like theft, fraud & counterfeiting. It bridges the gap between the traditional prosecution and asset protection and are the new world and home of trust. Dezos provides with a blockchain-based decentralized inventory, a search engine, ownership declaration and transfer features, and enables multiple add-value services such as insurance to be connected to it.

Dezos ecosystem will handle billions of objects and is in a need of a scalable and robust decentralized cost-effective blockchain protocol like Aerum. As a part of the partnership, Aerum will provide Dezos with its protocol, infrastructure tools and utilities as well as full support to implement initially a live pilot version of their application and later launch, manage and support a full-scale production Dezos platform.

Aerum will act not only as a developer of the decentralized open-source protocol but also as a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform provider for easy onboarding, integration and continuing support of the Dezos blockchain components and services.

Looking ahead to this partnership, DEZOS CEO René Hauri said:

“We have long been looking for a technical partner who recognizes our needs. Alex understood this from the very first minute. This was of major importance to us. Together with AERUM we will work on one of the first real world use cases. Our over 12,000 token holders can look forward to a highly scalable application that will facilitate key processes in handling their physical assets. It has never been easier to protect, verify and insure personal property”.

The whole DEZOS team is looking forward to a successful cooperation. This partnership enables both companies to grow on a solid basis and to support the customers of both companies with future-oriented technologies.

Alexander Randarevich, CEO of Aerum commented:

“We are very excited to start working with Dezos project and René Hauri, who are working tirelessly to build a vital component of a decentralized economy of the future with a positive social impact for the whole community. We believe our projects are a great match and expect this partnership to be a long-lasting success for both companies, shareholders and token holders. We can’t wait to start laying down the first bricks into a foundation of success for this venture.”

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