Enhancing User Experience: The AERUM Wallet

Samuel Miller
Oct 8, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the core components of AERUM’s product portfolio is the wallet, a multifunctional and entirely customizable application which elevates the user experience and allows for seamless transactions using the AERUM network.

The AERUM Wallet and Its Functionalities

The AERUM Wallet is a customizable wallet app with a very important role in AERUM’s ecosystem. Understanding its importance, and that of a light, enjoyable UX, the team has made sure that it is as accessible as possible. There are both web and mobile versions of the wallet, which is launching first on Android, with a later release for iOS.

Unlike regular wallets, this one is packed with functionalities, elevating the user experience and giving users complete control over their crypto.

The AERUM wallet’s main functionalities include:

  • Delegate Staking

Delegate users are critical for AERUM’s governance protocol. They are authenticated, publicly recognized participants who have undergone peer review as well as identification by other delegates. However, in order to become a delegate, the user needs to provide a stake in XRM tokens. In order to make this process easier, would-be delegates can do so directly through the AERUM wallet.

  • Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps are also carried out directly through the wallet. They allow AERUM to achieve true decentralization by getting rid of all intermediaries. Using the wallet, users can participate in both on-chain and cross-chain atomic swaps, depending on the party that they want to exchange with. This is a powerful and game changing technology that is now simple and pleasant to use, with the need for any technical knowledge whatsoever.

  • Ethereum Support

The entire AERUM ecosystem is powered by the EIP (ERC) 20 XRM token. Our wallet offers fully-fledged Ethereum support, which means that you can store other Ethereum-based tokens in it.

  • Named Account

The AERUM wallet gives you the possibility of associating a name of your choice with your address by providing a service called ANS (AERUM Name Service). This service, like DNS, converts your account name into an address. This feature allows you to send AERO or tokens to your friends just by typing in their familiar name instead of having to remember their full address. The function resembles the ENS on the main network of Ethereum.

  • Paper Wallets

Paper wallets can be easily imported into the web or mobile AERUM wallet app. Simply scanning the QR code from the paper wallet will import all the AERO into your web/mobile wallet.

Be a part of the next generation of blockchain!

We’re currently in the middle of our private sale. You can find out more here, or go directly to the token sale portal. It’s a one-on-one process which requires KYC and AML verification in order to remain compliant to existing legislation. The private sale will run through the 31st of December and has a $25,000 minimum. At the same time, the Whitelist Pre-Sale will start on October 15th. It has a minimum pledge of only $250 and you can already get your name on the list through the official website!

Stay tuned on what’s new and make sure to follow daily updates on our Facebook or Twitter page. You can also participate in the live discussion and fire away any questions you may have on our official Telegram group!

What do you think about AERUM’s Wallet functionality? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

The Aerum Project

https://aerum.com/ We make Blockchain blossom

Samuel Miller

Written by

The Aerum Project

https://aerum.com/ We make Blockchain blossom

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