Grant Report #7: WoolyPooly, China-based projects WeTrue, AEKnow, AEasy

aeternity Foundation
aeternity Foundation
3 min readJul 1, 2020

The aeternity foundation is pleased to announce the addition of three projects from China, as well as a new mining pool in their grant awardees roster!

After thorough deliberations, the aeternity foundation has chosen three Chinese projects on æternity for its new round of applications. The Chinese community has played a vital role and continues to be a crucial driving force for the æternity ecosystem.

The foundation is also pleased to welcome and support WoolyPooly, a new æternity mining pool launched earlier this year.

Below, you will find some details on each of these projects and what makes them wonderful allies in further strengthening the æternity network.

1. WeTrue

Created by long-time æternity supporters LiuShao (creator of Chinese æternity resource website AEChina), GuanTou, and Redcan, WeTrue is a decentralized social platform that would enable developers and common users to use and learn more about æternity applications.

For more details on the scope of their proposal, see their forum post here.

2. AEKnow

AEKnow is an æternity explorer and resource hub built by Liu Yang and serves as a very handy quick search tool for transactions on æternity blockchain, oracles, blocks, names, and more.

The aeternity foundation is awarding AEKnow a grant for improvements to the platform, as well as deploying its chatting platform AEKnow.chain.

For more details on the scope of their proposal, see their forum post here.

3. AEasy

To facilitate development of new applications, Bai Xin built the platform AEasy where developers can easily learn and get started with developing æpps on æternity, as well as creating AEX9 tokens.

Expanding æternity’s developer community is essential in delivering the benefits of æternity technology to different industry use cases. The aeternity foundation is thrilled to support improvements to the project.

For more details on the scope of their proposal, see their forum post here.

4. WoolyPooly

WoolyPooly was created by a team of experienced mining pool supporters, miners, entrepreneurs, developers and use dedicated servers to ensure high performance.

AE miners who choose to mine with WoolyPooly enjoy the following benefits:

  • Very low ping from Europe.
  • Low fee — just 0.9% PPLNS
  • Pool hashrate = miner hashrate
  • Fast payouts

This concludes this round of grants. For those who are interested in applying, the aeternity foundation has launched a transparency initiative. Applicants can now post proposals in the æternity Forum where they will be visible to the public. The æternity community can ask questions and make suggestions to the proposal so it can be refined for evaluation by the foundation Board.

For more information on the Grant Application process, please see this Forum post.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing more proposals on the Forum!



aeternity Foundation
aeternity Foundation

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