Grant Report #9

æternity Foundation half-year (Q3/Q4 2021) applications funding summary

The æternity Foundation is dedicated to enabling community-driven innovation to the benefit of people around the world and advancing open-source blockchain technology and its development.

Thanks for the following contributions to the growth of the open-source platform:

1. AeonNet

AeonNet is a Trading Time Value Tokenization Platform deployed on Aeternity Application Architecture with Smart Contracts written on Sophia, a functional programming language. It is designed as a decentralized application different non-fungible assets can be tokenized and traded at their long-term and short-term value. Time Trade Tokens are built with NFT standards. All-time locks are aggregated using ECDSA based elliptic curve cryptographic security with a Hash Time Locked Contract (HTLC) for verification purposes.

Currently, the team is focused on Contract Optimisation — deployment of æternity Contracts on TestNet, and UX Development.

Aiming to have fully developed UI and backend integration in February, the team has created more screens, available here. Additionally, the team has forked the repository to a new organization to include the team members working on UX and UI.

The Aeon team will demo the UX Development progress in February, and we are looking forward to the meeting.

2. Superhero NFT Card set for trading & collecting

This application was initiated by the long-term æcommunity contributors, Techtek and Genievot, and it focuses on tradable NFT cards on the æternity blockchain. The main goal of the grant application is to supplement and visualize the whole ecosystem inside collectible cards, to stimulate AE users’ interactions in the form of NFT trading and collecting.

During the Q1 2022 team expects to have finished: Superhero trading cards and (free) Boosterpack and chest minting on the testnet; Superhero Trading cards first series of 30 cards designs with card names and text, as well as developed and designed strategies for collecting, trading and rewards.

The latest added Superhero Trading Cards are: MECHARE, AEPY-OO-OO-AH, NIGHT WITCH, and holographic GOLDEN DRAEGON. Take a look at the whole Alpha set, consisting of 30 NFT trading cards, and additional 3 Secret cards to find — HERE.


Another exciting update was established by Liu Shao, the creator of WeTrue.

WeTrue is a decentralized broadcast social Aepp that is based on blockchain technology, through sharing, dissemination, and acquisition of related information of users and sharing short real-time messages through attention mechanisms.

WeTrue aims to enable user account generation, login, posting, comment, reward, and other behaviors that are completely separated from the centralized mode. Users can access various mobile terminals such as PC and mobile phone, realizing instant sharing and communication of information in the form of text, pictures, etc.

In the previous period, the main, functional, development has been finished — WeTrue now supports Superhero decentralized social platforms by reading tips directly from the smart contract and supports its comments. Moreover, the following activities have been successfully finished: Increase mapping mining off state, Increase GetModels, Increase Superheromodel, Increase the minimum hold AE requirements, Add to_PG_Array function, Add bigNumber function, and Fixed part of the Hash Introduction.

4. VEGAS APP — Beta in Q12022

Vegas is an open-source decentralized application that allows users to predict anything in the world and has a built-in small oracle that allows everyone to participate and publish predictions. For a stable operation, as the team explains, AVT Token will be released to motivate users. Moreover, the team successfully finished adjusting the UI to the black layout, switch the front-end framework to Vuetify, fully integrate Superhero wallet tuning, prepare a smart contract and test of Vegas and confirm the final gameplay rules of the first version.

Vegas It’s coming soon, with a beta release expected in the first quarter!

Follow the updates on the Forum where the Beta version gameplay is explained, together with the explanation of the game steps, interface examples, and detailed report on progress including the link to the smart contract.

5. Say network verifiable oracles

Say Network (Using the functionality of default Aeternity oracles) uses out-of-the-box technologies and methods that provide particular oracle tools to users for their Dapps. Say API is a standalone library called Say.aes that provides functionality in the smart contracts to use oracle services from Say network. Say network engine can be easily integrated with Aeternity blockchain with the use of Say API.

The development of Say Network is finished, and the project now offers 3 different modules for the developers:

  • Plain: Mainnet: Provides Query results from Mainnet under the plain module
  • Plain: Testnet: Provides Query results from Testnet under the plain module
  • SMTP: Mainnet: It is a private module that allows an Encrypted Email sending service on top of a blockchain (Currently used by a DApp on Aeternity).

Here you might find the documentation and a user-friendly website.

6. AeCanary

AeCanary is a tool that tracks suspicious behavior and tainted accounts. It allows the user to mark accounts suspicious and then AeCanary would track all accounts it sent tokens to. This can be used for tracing stolen tokens.

The easiest way to run the service is in a container, there is a description here. If you prefer installing from source code, please check the description here.

During the previous period, the following areas are deployed and/or improved:

  • Account management: accounts can be created, updated, and deleted. Only admins can create accounts. Every account can change its name, email address, and password,
  • Application stability improved — AeCanary connects directly to Node API,
  • Introduce exchange accounts. Track their exposure on a regular basis,
  • Revisit the index page and dashboard,
  • Add Docker support.

This tool is developed by the core maintenance developers Dimitar, Ulf, Dnicho, and Sean. It tracks suspicious accounts for the exchanges. When the account is considered a suspicious one, the user of the tool can mark, monitor, and trace it. It improves the exchanges’ security to a high level by monitoring the transactions and warning the 51% attack.

7. Vegas app

Winner of the latest æternity blockchain hackathon, the Vegas product development team is granted additional support for further development and maintenance of the Vegas decentralized application.

AE Vegas is an open-source decentralized prediction application that allows users to do anything in the world and has a built-in small oracle that allows everyone to participate and publish predictions. For a stable operation, as the team explains, AVT Token will be released to motivate users.

On the Forum the Beta version gameplay is explained, together with the explanation of the game steps, interface examples, and detailed report on progress including the link to the smart contract.

This concludes this round of new grants. Updates and reports on already given grants are regularly published on the FORUM.

At the same time, the core team is continuously working on the planned roadmap which improves the stability of the network, performance or provides new tools to empower developers and node operators.

For those who are interested in applying, feel free to post proposals in the æternity Forum where they will be visible to the public. The æternity community can ask questions and make suggestions about the proposal so it can be evaluated by the Foundation Board. This way we strengthen the transparency and inclusion of the grant process.

For more information on the Grant Application process, please see this Forum post.

Congratulation to all grantees for the successful work so far, and we look forward to seeing more proposals on the Forum!



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