Q1 2022 Roadmap

Q4 2021 Summary — Q1 2022 Roadmap — Live AMA 📢

The Aeternity Foundation (ACF) supports the æternity protocol and ecosystem. Our goal remains the same: to make the aenode faster, better, and lighter and the ae ecosystem more attractive for the users. The hyperchains network using the aenodes has been designed to attract the Aeternity enterprise customers and their users. On top of the faster æternity network and hyperchains network, the decentralized applications (dapps) can be run with higher performance and in a private context. Therefore, the whole æternity ecosystem will perform with higher availability, scalability, security and performance.

Thus, during Q4 2021, Foundation kept supporting the community-driven innovations with funding grants.

Weekly detailed reports on the progress of the developers can be found in the Active Grant Applications under the forum’s ACF Grant Category and the summary in a form of the Q3-Q4 2021 Report can be found here.

AeCanary received a refactoring and some new services have been added.

Devmode was polished with some bug fixing. It proved to be sufficiently useful for the development and the testing. The node operator interface was implemented. Both a CLI and a complementary group of HTTP endpoints can be used presently by the developers. The node GUI launcher is almost done and is to be released publicly soon. There have been quite a few challenges in order to get the graphics right. The node already compiles under M1 CPU. The M1 architecture docker image will be delivered soon. The æternity code now supports OTP24. Some DB refactoring was done by forking and fixing the dependent external library by the core team. Some good progress has been made on the Rosetta API but most of the work is yet to be finished. The current GC Names process needs refactoring. It is working for accounts cleanup. However, by adding names and contracts to it, it can be overloaded. This process depends on the DB refactoring.

Ceres improvements were done:
• bitwise operations (OR, AND, XOR, NOT)
• ZK/SNARK friendly hash function(s) — Poseidon hash (+ possibly more?)
• a dedicated MULMOD instruction

Additionally, some work on multisig, a pygments lexer and an improvement of the production on microblocks was done. It was introduced a new test suite implementing a prototype State Channel Market structure (using hash-locked cross-channel transfers).

Please note that some of the previous tasks were needed for the continuous work on hyperchains — and preparation of the Hyperchains Alpha release.

Q1 2022 Roadmap

The node will be continuously improving and the focus will be put on further HyperChains research, design and development.

Ongoing Important Tasks

AeCanary and all basic features/tools as dev mode, node modes, etc. in general will be continuously supported and improved. Support for Hyperchains needs to be provided in AeCanary. Rosetta API Implementation is ongoing. A native node GUI launcher to compile the node and provide some means of inspection of the live system will be released soon. The RocksDB refactoring is needed for stricter control over transactions. The GC Names process improvement relies on this refactoring.


Hyperchains Alpha will provide a staking smart contract. A user-friendly GUI will make staking just an easy task. It will give users control on assets and rewards behavior. The research and design on Hyperchains will continue.

Advanced State Channels

A showcase on a state channel market is to be made.

Sync Improvements

The sync is suboptimal and needs to be speed up. An RnD project on beam sync will be started.


Aeternity mainnet already supports multisigs but the process requires a good knowledge about cryptography and Erlang. This process needs to be simplified and to be made easily accessible.

The updates on the aeroadmap & the aerelease schedule will follow dynamically in this topic.

⏮ The previous roadmap can be found on the AETERNITY ROADMAP Q4 2021.

For any questions — You are welcome to contact us under the email: hello@aeternity-foundation.org

Release 6.4.0

Release Date: January 2022
Type: Maintenance, see post 5, release info 5.

Release 6.5.0

Release Date: February 2022
Type: Maintenance, see HyperchainsAlpha

🔔 Ask Me Anything with the Core team

The Foundation welcomes open, honest communication and real-time connection with open-source technology contributors — thus, on February 24th (Thursday), æternity blockchain core development team with host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in order to present the Roadmap for this quartal, but also answer all potential questions & discuss ideas.

Live AMA

🗓 February 24th, 2022

05:00 PM CET

🎥 æternity YouTube Channel

Stay in tune with all updates: @aeternityCF & Forum

The æternity Foundation is a non-profit organization established in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The Foundation brings together all the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure a stable æternity environment and thriving ecosystem around open-source blockchain technology.



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