How To Get Fans By Enslaving Your Fans

At Aether United, our goal is to revolutionize the relationship between a fan their sports team. (We’re not actually going to enslave them.) Our most famous and obvious method, the voting system, is very important for achieving this goal. However, we have never talked about our freelance market.

Aether United will be posting jobs onto a freelance market. These jobs will be taken on by tokenholders. Some people have been concerned that the jobs will be too complex for the vast majority of fans. But this is untrue. The jobs range from simple/passive (file hosting, survey completion, social sharing, etc.) to the more complex and skill-based (coding, graphic design, photography, etc.)

What does this mean? This means that you will be able to pay us for the honor and privilege of working for us. Just kidding. Before Aether United, the relationship between fans and teams was completely one-sided. The teams produced content and the fans consumed it. With this new style, the fans ARE the team. Fans of Aether United will be infinitely more loyal and engaged than fans of other teams.

Think of a famous sports team. Golden State Warriors. New England Patriots. Paris Saint-Germain. All these teams and others have extremely loyal fans that dedicate a large part of their time to supporting them. (Cough cough football/soccer hooligans.) But imagine if these fans could also take part in the team itself. What if the Warriors outsourced their shirt designs to their fans? Or what if the Patriots paid their fans to vote on different outreach events? (Maybe football/soccer teams could pay their fans to not riot? :D)

This is a completely new and unexplored development that will take years for it to realize it’s true potential. But, at Aether United, we will revolutionize sports and business around the world.


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