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AEX Breaks into Southeast Asia Market, Officially Launching Vietnamese Version

Currently, AEX is accelerating its entry to the Southeast Asia market, launching a Vietnamese version. Users can switch the language in APP/PC for the experience. After launching, the Vietnamese user can participate in such crypto businesses as spot, fiat, DeFi Pool, mining, and Loan easily.

The latest data from the UN show that in Vietnam with 98.05 million people and an average age of 32.9, people have a strong ability to accept new financial products, which represents that it has a large number of potential crypto users. Based on the survey of Finder, the country that has the most frequent crypto trade is Vietnam. In the report, the Vietnamese who own cryptocurrency is 41% of the population. At the same time, AEX had a clear increase in Vietnamese users, which prompted AEX to launch a Vietnamese version, the first Southeast Asian language supported.

In addition, Vietnam is still one of the largest economies quickly developing in the Asia Pacific. Vietnam is gradually taking over the production relying on a supply of workers(It used to be in China), so its economic development and income level will have great forecasts. AEX Academy researches that the development of the economy will drive the increase of income and investment, Vietnam is expected to be the most dynamic area in Southeast Asia.

“Vietnamese users trade in the English version, which prevents some of them from knowing about products” Mike, AEX Brand Ambassador, said. AEX launches the Vietnamese version service and works hard for OTC, market, compliance, and customized service, which is well received by Vietnamese users.

Currently, AEX supports three languages, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Thomas also revealed that AEX is planning to increase such language versions as Russian, Turkish, and Thai. You can look forward to that.

It was evident that AEX, a 9-year old exchange, begins to break into the market like Binance. AEX will put Vietnam as the springboard to fully develop the Southeast Asia market, speeding the globalized progress.

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