Ghana’s AF Radio app lets you instantly play back radio broadcasts you missed

Say hello to AF Radio

AF Radio is a free Android app launching today that lets anyone in the world listen to the hottest live Ghanaian radio shows and play back past episodes on demand. Using AF Radio, you can also see and join the online banter around the most controversial radio conversations of the day.

My name is Bubunyo Nyavor, founder of AF Radio, and I created this app because I believe deeply that there’s a ton of opportunity in Africa’s radio space.

In the race for digital media across Africa, radio has been left behind

When it comes to digital media in Africa, there’s no shortage of innovation happening, whether it’s iRoko TV leading the charge on bringing local films and TV online, or Big Cabal and OMG Digital doing the same for written content.

I believe it’s time for someone to do the same for radio.

Radio is still very much a huge part of the African media diet. At a time when we’re focused on telling our own stories on the continent, radio provides a rich and diverse range of shows, from sports to politics and everything in between.

But for modern African audiences who are used to the convenience of today’s digital age, it can be difficult to find and keep up with these great shows. This is where AF Radio excels. By providing a richer digitally native experience, we’re helping our users keep up with their favourite shows, discover fantastic new ones, and plug into the conversations and the hot topics of the day sparked by radio.

Rediscover Radio

AF Radio has three main benefits:

Listen to radio shows live — AF Radio lets radio lovers stream radio shows live from anywhere in the world. Users can subscribe to shows and get notified as soon as the show goes live.

Missed a show? Play it back on demand — When you miss your favourite radio show, you can immediately listen to a recording on AF Radio!

Join the online conversation — AF Radio enriches the radio listening experience by bringing the online chatter about the show into one convenient feed. See a stream of real-time tweets about that show and jump into the conversation right from the app.

AF Radio launches with over 60 shows and over 40 stations, and we’ll continue to work closely with radio stations to delight our audiences.

Partnering with Ghana’s 3FM 92.7

As part of this launch, we’re thrilled to be supported by Ghana’s 3FM 92.7. This is what Petra Aba Asamoah, Head of Station at 3FM 92.7 had to say:

“We’re excited to be partnering with AF Radio to help bring 3FM 92.7’s world-class programing to an even bigger audience. 3 FM 92.7 listeners will be able to stream our shows from anywhere in the world, and we’re excited to be able to instantly refer listeners to past episodes using AF Radio’s unique Playback feature.”

This is just the beginning

I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who’s been a part of the AF Radio story so far. This journey is just starting, and I appreciate all feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Get your radio show onto AF Radio

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