How To Make The Most of Your Email List

Let your friends know about TuVous (in a way they’ll appreciate)

Your email list is a goldmine of people who want to hear from you. But most affiliates don’t get many sales through mass emails. Why?

The reason goes to the core of what an email is. At its most basic level, an email is a personal correspondence – unlike the social media posts we discussed HERE and HERE.

When you open an email from an old friend, you don’t expect to see a pitch for a new product, a discount code, or a company flyer. Instead, you expect it to be about them personally. How have they been? What are they up to? What news in their life do they want to share?

Moreover, emails typically have an “added value.” After all, it's rare to send someone an email that simply updates them on your life (that’s what a Facebook status is for, right?) If you’re anything like me, the last few emails you received from old friends were invites. For example, to a wedding, concert, reunion, etc.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at an email template one TuVous affiliate has been mass-mailing to her email list with truly remarkable results.

Here’s the email she’s been sending:

SUBJECT: A personal invitation from [NAME]
Normally I don’t talk about my work life, but I just had to share this…
I recently started working as an affiliate with online fashion brand, TuVous. Although their corporate culture is truly wonderful, and their product selection and prices are excellent (I’ve actually bought some of their necklaces for myself because I liked them so much), there is something they do which affected me on a very PERSONAL level.
See, TuVous’s core philosophy is something I have never encountered before — at least, not in a business setting. They genuinely believe that a piece of each and every one of their thousands and thousands of sales should go back into a “cause.” Specifically, they have chosen to donate 10% of every sale they make to The Rose.
If you’ve never heard of The Rose before, it is a non-profit which provides free breast cancer screenings, diagnostics, and treatment for low-income women. They help save lives every day and ask for nothing in return. The more I learn about them, the most inspired I am by their work and commitment to women in need!
As someone who has seen the effects of breast cancer first-hand, I was overjoyed to learn about TuVous commitment to helping this cause. Breast cancer is a disease which affects 1 in 8 US women every year. If you’re planning to get a gift for a friend, or need a new pair of sunglasses for summer (TuVous has a sale going on right now!), please consider giving this brand your business.
I invite you to learn more here: [AFFILIATE LINK]

Why does this email work so well? Two reasons.

First, it is personal. The sender is updating the reader on a recent development in her life: joining the TuVous affiliate program.

Second, it has added value. She’s not asking people to click on her affiliate link to save money or buy a product, she’s informing them about a great cause and a fun way they can get involved.

Have an idea or success story you would like to share with the rest of the TuVous Affiliate Team? Email me or leave a comment below!

Conrad F. Smith is an Affiliate Expert and Founding Partner at The Matterhorn Company. The TuVous affiliate program is currently recruiting qualified affiliates for the new season. To apply, visit