Pavan Belagatti
Oct 31, 2015 · 2 min read

Are ‪biotruths an epidemic of the current generation?

Biology vs Biotruth

After seeing so many scientifically-misunderstood posts about biology on the Internet, I decided to the throw in some clarity and bust some myths that are persisting in the name of science. The only thing I’m more intolerant than misunderstood science is my food being shared. Here I will explain what is biology and what is biotruth. I appreciate your compliments in advance.

What is biotruth?

A biotruth is an argument presented by someone whose misunderstood notions of human biology and/or evolutionary biology are used to justify their views.

Ever since evolutionary biology got popular (about half a decade ago I’d say), it has been twisted in unimaginably creative ways to fit into one’s ideas. Often times, these twistings are absurd at best and egregious at worst. There are many autodidactic scientists who think they know science. But sadly they don’t. The problem here is not confined to the individual. Internet is highly impactful and these wrong notions propagate to a wider audience, who in turn become scientifically illiterate en masse. This is an epidemic of the current generation which has to be treated, and I’d like to treat it in the harsh way it deserves. Let me give you a few examples of biotruths so that you know what I’m talking about:

“Civilized societies that have valued providers over alphas during evolutionary timescales have been selected for smaller penises. See: European Jews, Indians, etc.”

“Evolutionarily speaking, breast size correlates with the amount of nutrition the mother can provide to the baby.”

“It’s natural to be attracted to 13 and 14-year-olds because that’s the age our ancestors would have started breeding at.”

I personally am a fan of evolutionary biology and psychology. There are so much we can learn of human behaviour, which traditional biology and psychology couldn’t explain. But if we unjustly twist the scientific findings to selfishly fit our views, then we’re not just doing a disservice to science but to humanity as a whole. Always be inquisitive, do not trust attractive pop psychology, and dig and dig and dig, and then dig some more. Have a scientific day, fellas!

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