This handsome fashionista is an up-and-coming pop star whose fame is slowly but steadily on the rise in Brazil, and soon all over the world. Meet Tonanni and hear straight from his mouth all about his exciting musical journey.

Affimity: Tell us about your music journey so far, Tonanni. Where did it all start and how is it going so far?

Tonanni: I started working in musical theatre and I even studied in NYC to be able to face an opportunity in Broadway, but my passion for music lead me to follow a solo career. In theatre you have to have a persona; a character. Now that I compose my own work, I can write my own lyrics and transfer my message to the public.

Affimity: What or who inspired you to get into music?

Tonanni: I have always been inspired by great musicals. I would go crazy with that feeling of waiting for the second act when the curtains close and you forget about your life! Music is much like that — it takes a person out of his own reality and puts him in a place where there are no problems and no preoccupations.

Affimity: Apart from music, you’re also passionate about fashion. Do you personally connect music and fashion together or are they two separate interests of yours?

Tonanni: I love fashion! Just like music, it is also a form of art. I try to always connect them together whenever I can. I feel that every work I have done is a phase in my life that follows both my style in music and fashion.

Affimity: Do you fuse different musical styles in your songs? What genre would you like to classify your music into?

Tonanni: Yes, I like the mix of style and genre, which is why it is hard to categorize my position in music. I personally don’t like those types of labels; that’s very 2000ish. The younger generation doesn’t even have a determined sexuality — there is no clear distinction for gay, hetero, and all those labels. There are some preferences, obviously, but the new generation is more open to experiencing different sensations and to know more about themselves. I follow this same line of thought in music. I am getting to know myself as an artist, but I tend to prefer pop music.

Affimity: How experimental would you like to get in your future musical endeavours? Would you like to break your pattern and try something totally out of your comfort zone?

Tonanni: I am happy with the way my career is going. To get to a piano and voice style is very risky, especially since my projects before were eletronic music. I am considering to stay in the business aspect of the music and help promote and coach new artists on how to position themselves in the market.

Artists have a team that keep their feet grounded. We say I am the balloon and my team is the cord that holds the balloon: one cannot exist without the other, and that’s why I can’t go too far on things I want to do, I have to also stay commercial. This is a constant discussion between the artist and the team, but is a constructive conversation. But I am never going to not be authentic because of trends; that’s not being an artist, but a product that you put on the shelf just to sell. I am not like that.

Affimity: Has music ever helped you in your personal life in terms of healing your stress, going through a tough time, or coping with a loss?

Tonanni: No doubt it has! Music has to take me from my comfort zone. I am not the type of guy who listens to Adele when I get sad. I want to always be in movement and keep going.

Affimity: Do you wish to collaborate with other musicians in the future?

Tonanni: I love doing partnerships! The last one was with Pedro Lima (, a finalist in The Voice Brazil. Those types of partnerships are very productive and the public are the ones who win on this.

Affimity: Would you like to say something to your fans around the world?

Tonanni: Even though I may not know many of you because of the distance, I know that each one is responsible for my success. I would love to travel and meet all of you. You can write me on my Instagram @tonanni( I would be very happy to follow your daily life and exchange experiences.

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