Get paid for hotel reviews with Yonderbound!

Reviews and recommendations are probably the moving point of our decisions when it comes to any single thing on our life: from buying a flesh drive to booking hotel or trip. Companies really make profit of it or vice-versa can really struggle of constructive feedback. Travel is constantly changing industry and more and more start-ups show up every day. Recently I came across one very interesting idea/website — in a short : get paid for hotel reviews.

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How to get paid for hotel reviews with Yonderbound?

Lets start with very interesting and descriptive video.

The idea is pretty simple though very interesting and entertaining.

What is Yonderbound?

Yonderbound is the first travel knowledge monetization platform in the world. Through its proprietary planning and booking tool, the Yonderbox, you can share your travel knowledge and build your trip choosing between more than 380,000 properties worldwide. Offer up your travel knowledge to all of your friends and family. If you inspire them to finally grab the bag and go…you’ll make most of the net revenue produced by their booking!

Yonderbound is still a baby (born April 1, 2014) and already has more than 380,000 properties around the world at super cheap prices!

How does it work?

Just build a Yonderbox to inspire your friends, family, or anyone for that matter to book a trip and see the Yondercredits coming in! Let’s look at an example. Holiday season is around the corner, you want to organize a trip with your friends? Just build some Yonderboxes with holiday travel options, in which you share you knowledge of the destinations, pass it along to them and the moment they book you are immediately notified of the first ‘Yonder-credits’ in your account.

On average you will receive $7 for every $100 of booked travel.

How is net revenue calculated?

Net revenue is calculated by subtracting from a gross sale price (what you or your friends paid) the credit card fees, the processing fees (payment gateway, merchant bank and middleware) and the net rate Yonderbound paid for the property. None of the above fees goes to Yonderbound, they are all direct costs to manage a travel booking.

How am I sure that I received credit for a sale?

Yonderbound will send you an automated email every time a booking is made through any of your Yonderboxes. Same will happen if a booking that you inspired gets cancelled.

How can I use the Yondercredits?

Yondercredits can be redeemed against any booking made on There are no exceptions and no blackout dates. You can either use them to pay less for any trip or wait until you have enough and get a free trip! To redeem any Yondercredit just email any booking to and you will receive either a charge back on the credit card used for the booking or a payment through the paypal account registered on the Yonderbuilder’s email.

What is Yonderbox?

Each Yonderbox is a personal scrapbook where you can collect all your ideas for a trip. You can shortlist hotels, make notes, and then share your Yonderbox with friends and family. You can also make any Yonderbox public if you like — that way the whole Yonderbound community can see it. The more we share experiences and ideas, the better travel is for all of us!

How do I create a Yonderbox?

Just go to ‘Your Trips’ and click on ‘Create your first Yonderbox’. You need to be registered and logged in to create Yonderboxes.

Who can see my Yonderboxes?

It’s up to you. Each Yonderbox has its own privacy setting. You can keep it private to yourself, share it with selected people, or make it public — which means anyone on Yonderbound can see it. And if you change your mind, just change the setting.

Yonderbound operates with 383,693 hotels in 195 countries .

AMAZING — ability to search for hotels with map view!

Not to mention ability to read TripAdvisor ratings right in hotel information.

Yonderbound has a referral program.

Send Welcome Credit to your friends and family

When you invite people to sign up to, you can give them a $10 Welcome Credit, which they can use towards any hotel booking on You can earn an extra $5 credit by doing so

How long is Welcome Credit valid for?

Welcome Credit will expire 60 days after the day it is received. For example, if you were given $10 Welcome Credit on 1st December 2014, you would have until 30th January 2015 to redeem it.

Invite your friends and earn Yondercredit

Once your friends and family sign up to and book their first trip, you will personally benefit from an extra $5 Yondercredit. This is earned as soon as your invitees check into their hotel. The Yondercredit invite system has no maximum number of invites. Meaning you can invite, and donate $10 Welcome Credit, to as many people as you like. For each person who joins, and books a hotel on, you’ll earn a further $5 Yondercredit to use towards your own hotel bookings.

Bottom line

Very interesting I should confess — like a social network, but you also get payed with credits, which you can use towards your trips and vacations, so making getaway more affordable.

From one side you receive very nice review of the hotel — which is very handy, but from another side — members are interested to leave positive reviews to receive compensation. In this case TripAdvisor comments, which are included on the YonderBound, can be useful as well.

To wrap it all — pretty interesting idea with already pretty much impressive database of locations to book and chose from.

Leave a review and get paid for hotel reviews! Give it a try!

Let me try Yonderbound and claim my $10 travel credit

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