Luggage! Is one of the essentials to make our trips enjoyable. If airline “messes” with it and sends to other airport or just lose it in the backroom of hundreds of hallways of airport — you vacation/trip may be ruined at some point. But I came across to a very interesting startup, that I’ve even decided to write a post about.

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Smart suitcase or never lose luggage again

Bluesmart is a technology company that develops Internet-connected travel products. With proprietary technology and designs, the company creates unique physical products combined with software applications that help people travel better and smarter. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA).

Bluesmart was started by a group of friends from South America, Asia and the USA, all of whom shared a passion for traveling, technology, and design. Some of us had experienced big problems with our luggage while traveling around the world. So they looked at our suitcases and realized that they haven’t seen much innovation in several decades. None of them had a background in the luggage industry, but they had participated in the creation of new innovative technologies and products in other areas.

Bluesmart thought that they could give it a go and re-imagine how a suitcase should be for the era of connected devices. After months of work and countless iterations, they arrived to their first product and decided to crowd-fund it, calling on the support of tech-savvy travelers around the world. Company received an overwhelming support from an amazing community of 8,500 backers in 109 countries, raising $1,9M in crowd-funding.

The B​luesmart Carry­-on ​is a high­quality cabin suitcase that can be tracked anywhere in the world, powered by 3G­connectivity (in partnership with Telefonica), allowing users to recover their lost bags from the airlines. Additionally the suitcase features a Bluetooth­enabled remote lock that lets users lock and and unlock their bags from their smartphone, and that locks automatically when the bag is separated from the user, providing maximum safety to the users’ belongings. The suitcase also features a built­in battery charger, letting users re­charge their smartphones on the go up to six times over. Finally the suitcase features a built­in scale that communicates the exact weight of the suitcase to the companion app, helping users avoid paying extra baggage fees or being forced to check for extra weight. Through the companion app users can track their miles traveled and get smart trip notifications.

Specs of BlueSmart suitcase


  • 8.5 lbs (3.8 kg) We have selected extremely light materials, like polycarbonate and aluminum, to keep the weight of the suitcase at a minimum.


  • 34 LThe main compartment, which uses a hard case, provides space for larger items such as clothes, shoes, and coats. The secondary compartment, which uses a soft case, offers a series of organizer pockets to hold tech accessories, like your laptop and tablet, and other small items. The secondary compartment is able to accommodate laptops with screens that are up to 15″. The compartment also has a separate pocket for tablet devices.


  • Bluesmart will work with iOS and Android, and we are working on compatibility with other platforms. And it will be working with Apple Watch to deliver an even better user experience (as soon as they get their hands on one of them).


  • Our special three-layer polycarbonate gives the main body unique lightweight strength.
  • The frontal soft parts of the suitcase are made of 1200D Polyester, and the exterior has a Polyurethane cover ensuring high resistance to water and scratches.


  • Bluesmart provides 2 USB chargers that can be used simultaneously.
  • You can charge any USB rechargeable device (such as phones, tablets, or eBook readers).
  • An external USB port is placed on the exterior behind the handle, for easy access and fast plug/unplug.
  • On the inside, there is an additional USB port that allow charging while on the go.
  • A USB cable is not included in the package, and may be purchased separately, but you can use the one you already have today with your device!


  • 10,000 mAh capacity. Enough to charge an iPhone six times over.


  • Bluetooth (The Bluetooth signal range is about 200ft (60m) without interferences. At the airport or normal conditions this would be around 100ft (30m), which is more than enough to receive alerts!)
  • GPS

Bottom line

As you can see that we live in 2015 and suitcase start to transform into something new and advanced.And adds to a whole new future vision of Internet of things.

Bluesmart contains a GPS module that allows you to constantly record the position of the suitcase, monitoring and registering the location of the suitcase at every moment.

Bluesmart company raised $1,930,280 from 7,000 backers from 120 countries, becoming the 11th most funded project ever on the platform!

You can preorder yours for $299, which is pretty pricy. But considering the fact that pretty good suitcase is around $100, plus built-in chargers, sensors, scale and technologies used it becomes pretty valid price tag point. You can also use our link to receive $20 discount.

As soon you preorder your new case — you can will receive it in August 2015.

Not to mention another interesting feature — cooperation with UBER. If a user is traveling with a Bluesmart carry-on, the app will be able to detect if the user has arrived from their flight. Bluesmart will then automatically scan for available Ubers around the area and prompt the user to see if they need a ride to their destination. With a couple taps, travelers can now get from point A to point B with a little less hassle.

And if you lose your luggage on your next trip, Bluesmart can locate it and UBER will deliver it to you for free.

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