Ultimate free tool to keep track of credit cards

Very often I caught myself on a point: how to keep track of my credit cards? When did I open it? When is my monthly due? What is my monthly minimum spend to meet requirements for sign-up bonus? So I decided to create universal spreadsheet to keep track of all my travel credit cards.

When we play miles and points game — it is essential to be very serious about every single step as small mistake can cost us of not receiving sign-up bonus. That is why I can strongly recommend writing all information in one place.

Have a look at this amazing and absolutely FREE tool.

According to “best practice”, it is ok open 5–6 credit cards a year. In our free travel credit card tracker you have the ability to chose from most popular travel cards (USA). 6 most popular banks with all travel credit cards — if I missed something — just let me know in comments bellow. And this is just a pop-up menu — you just chose from drop-down menu.

Also, it is pretty normal to close credit card after 8–9 months. As you, probably, have met minimum spending requirement, you have received your bonus and, most likely, spent it already. And the most important — you do not want to pay annual fee (if there is one). So, 9 months after the opening date (DATE OF OPENING) of your credit card will be calculated automatically and indicated in the APPROXIMATE CLOSING DATE.

Also you can add information about credit limit/line, which will be reflected in a pie-chart automatically as well. So, you can see your total credit limits.

Another interesting feature is MONTHLY MINIMUM SPENDING, which again will be calculated automatically from MINIMUM SPENDING REQUIREMENT pop-up menu. Very informative to understand your future spends and plans.

You can also indicate SIGN-UP BONUS to be aware what to expect on the account of your loyalty program.As well as DUE date of every credit card not to miss a single payment.

So, basically you wold need to chose your credit card(s)/miminum spending/sign-up bonus from pop-up menus, fill-in opening date/credit line/annual fee/due date and all the rest will calculated and indicated automatically.

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In a zip-file you will receive MAC version and PC versions (xls and xlsx).

Easy and very useful! And absolutely FREE. Take benefit and keep track of credit cards.

You can donwload it for FREE


Originally published at www.milesfortrips.com on April 2, 2015.