Starting From Zero Review: Second Edition by Fred Lam

I’m always anxious to learn about new products coming out especially if they actually add value and are created for a REAL purpose other than making a buck.

Today, I was going through some of my resources and found a book that caught my attention titled “Starting From Zero” 2nd edition that’s going to be sold from April 9th to April 19th.

Starting From Zero Review

I was interested in learning more about this book because so many people today want to start making money online but their main problem is they don’t have any money to get started with.

I kept reading and digging into the book author and was quite surprised at what I learned. For example, Robert Kiyosaki himself found an interest in this book and its value and ended up writing the foreword to it.

The book came about from one question that Fred Lam was confronted with: “How can I build an online business especially when I’m starting with NOTHING?”

The search for the mysterious answer to this question paved Fred towards an incredible journey that took him over a decade.

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Fred wanted to create a community where determined individuals who want to control their financial destiny can learn to start their online business venture starting from zero. Starting From Zero will show you the 5-step process to making your entrepreneurship a reality!

What is Starting From Zero All About?

This is the second edition of Starting From Zero book. It is filled with new strategies and the most up-to-date information on how you can build a business online.

It is an audio book that includes a digital copy, plus instant access to learn how to start an online business quickly with little to NO capital investment. The second edition of Fred Lam’s Starting From Zero book is officially going into publications so anyone that wants to grab a copy will need to purchase at a retail price. However, during the launch, they are doing something special.

During his launch, they are going to be offering the audio book plus a FREE digital copy for just $1.99.

I HIGHLY suggest you pick up a copy when it goes live on April 9th.

Starting From Zero Upsells and OTO’s

There’s also going to be some high quality upsells or one-time-offers following your purchase. These are optional, but can help you get started much faster with a stronger foundation on building your success.

Upsell #1: 6 B.S. Framework: $47 USD

A brand-new Media Buying training revealing 6 B.S. (Brilliantly Strategic) frameworks for anyone to start generating up to 6 figures or more per year. Specifically, Fred will show you 6 different business models with traffic tactics for anyone to start an online business.

Upsell #2: eCompreneur: $147 USD For 3 Months + $49 USD Monthly

A 12-Week training where Fred mentors youthrough the process of becoming an eCommerce Entrepreneur! PLUS access to two results-driven automation: Shopzie & In short, Shopzie is an automation tool for Shopify dropshippers to save time and money. Best part is, all orders placed with Shopzie will get up to 6.9% cashback! on the other hand, is a URL shortener for Facebook marketers to drive clicks & conversions!

Upsell #3: Influencer Masterclass: $197 USD

A step-by-step training on influencer marketing by Connor James — a successful 7-figure Instagram Expert + Fred’s top student! He will show how to build, grow, and scale your business through the power of influencers.

Available April 9th

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