Thumbnail Blaster Review — Create YouTube Thumbnails Easily

Thumbnail Blaster by Vlad and Stoica is one of my new favorite YouTube tools when it comes to creating eye-catchy thumbnails that really “POP” and get the viewers attention.

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Launches April 29th @ 11am for $47


Creating high quality and visual appealing YouTube thumbnails can be a task that takes hours along with frustration! This is why I love Thumbnail Blaster. By simply picking a pre-made template (or starting from scratch) you can edit the graphics, text, emojis and much more within a few minutes and have a user-engaging YouTube thumbnail that will really get people to click on your video.

The process is simple and only require 3 main steps as shown in the images below. First you pick from one of the many templates, then you edit the template, then publish.. that’s it!

Choose template, edit, publish

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