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The Affyn Evolution event was a blast! If you missed out, don’t worry — you can still catch all the excitement with replay on our YouTube channel. During Evolution, our Chief Product Officer, Steve Taylor, revealed some awesome news about Buddy Arena, our multiplayer online battle game that is set to launch in app stores later this year and our CEO Lucaz Lee shared how this game came to live and how it’s designed with ‘community-first’ in mind. It’s got everyone talking!

About Buddy Arena Mobile Game

Buddy Arena is a multiplayer online battle game. It’s a fast-paced multiplayer brawler where players compete in collecting the most number of crystals. With an assortment of weapons, skills and squads of Buddies, players duke it out in arenas, in teams or individually, to see who comes out on top. Buddy Arena takes place in an arena in NEXUS World. Players must harvest as many crystals as possible either by mining deposits or by attacking other players and collecting their dropped crystals.

A Game Designed For the Community & NFT Owners

Over 9 months ago, CEO Lucaz Lee and some others from the leadership team, gathered in the Pigasus meeting room to brainstorm ideas and discuss the next best product for our community. We wanted to make it happen as quickly as possible, so we started brainstorming and came up with an idea to create a mini-game. It’s fast, doesn’t require many resources, saves time, and can be implemented quickly. From the brainstorming of the concept to watching it come alive with the efforts of everyone in Affyn, the team has been spending a lot of time perfecting Buddy Arena to deliver the best gameplay experience possible.

“We weren’t focused on what was best for us or for profit, but on what was best for our Affynian community. From the start, the idea was built with “Community First” in mind.” — CEO Lucaz Lee

Buddy Arena was designed to provide real utility value for the FYN token, Gen 0 Buddies, and NEXUS World Land NFTs. As an owner of a NEXUS World Land NFT, you can utilize it in the game by creating your Hometown and recruiting Buddy Arena players to become Citizens of your Hometown. After the global launch, Generation Zero Buddies NFTs, such as Angelic Pigasus, Frostveil Nessie, Electric Gamaaru, and Blazeball Floomph, will also be playable in Buddy Arena, allowing you to battle alongside them.

Get Ready To Battle! Buddy Arena Will Be Launching Soon.

The team plans to conduct a soft launch of the game in Q3 of this year, limiting it to specific territories to ensure that the game is robust, fun, and provides the best experience possible before launching it globally. Buddy Arena is a multiplayer brawler with a Web3 component, and it will need depth and polish to engage players at the desired level.

Buddy Arena Closed Alpha is starting on 31 May 2023, with six physical locations for Meet & Play happening all around Asia. Players can RSVP on Affyn Events to join the battle and stand a chance to win themselves a Guaranteed Spot for OG edition Mythical Buddy NFT free mint! For those who can’t make it for the Meet & Play, you can still join virtually and receive updates on the game. Throughout Buddy Arena Closed Alpha, up to 200+ Guaranteed & Allowlist Spots for the OG Mythical Buddy NFT free mint will be up for grabs! Check out Affyn Events for more information.

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