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We would like to announce a step forward in our commitment to transparency and clarity around our fund management. Starting today, we’ll be splitting the company’s existing wallet into two wallets, which will help ensure that all transactions are clearly accounted for. This proactive approach demonstrates our ongoing dedication to providing a secure and reliable platform for our valued stakeholders.

Listed below are our updated company wallet addresses and purpose of use:

Wallet 1: 0x6aa59f02e87908e0dfe433d6759e1e13d2dd8666
Purpose*: To maintain company reserve, foundation and marketing.

Wallet 2: 0x5470e0e55c9e21c259d41799cbab86cc97b4c32a
Purpose*: To fulfill FYN distribution to founders, team, advisors, seed, private and strategic investors.

*Refer to our whitepaper’s tokenomics for specific allocation of each category.

The purpose of Wallet 1 is to maintain the FYN allocated for company reserve, foundation and marketing allocation as prescribed in the whitepaper. For each category, it will be utilized in the following manner:

  • Company reserve will only be used in the event of extraordinary occurrences.
  • Foundation is used for the growth and development of community and ecosystem.
  • Marketing is used for promotion, events, sponsorships and any other marketing-related activities.

The purpose of Wallet 2 is to fulfill the FYN distribution to founders, team, advisors, seed, private and strategic investors according to the legal agreement between the Company and its respective parties. The distribution will be conducted periodically, and a brief explanation of the distribution is as follows:

  • FYN tokens distributed to founders, team and advisors would generally follow a vesting schedule over a 4-year period. Each person is required to enter into a binding agreement with the Company which will set out the vesting rules and conditions. The aim of granting FYN tokens is to ensure that the interests of founders, team and advisors are aligned with achieving the overall objectives of the Company.
  • FYN tokens distributed to seed, private and strategic investors are based on the terms and conditions as set out during the initial coin offering.

By taking this step to split our wallet and store the FYN allocation for various categories separately, we’re proud to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability for our valued investors and community. We believe that this move will foster greater trust and confidence in our platform, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest standards of excellence.



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