Partnering for Success: Buddy Arena Closed Alpha Launches with YGG SEA and FOMO Asia

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It’s amazing to see how the gaming industry keeps growing and evolving. With the help of Blockchain technology, this industry is opening up to a whole new world of possibilities. Buddy Arena is poised to be a groundbreaking gaming experience powered by Web3. Buddy Arena Closed Alpha launch is made possible with the incredible support and collaboration of our partners at Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), Southeast Asia’s largest Blockchain gaming guild, and FOMO Asia, the world’s 1st global movement to build trust for global Web3 communities.

Bringing Buddy Arena Closed Alpha To Four Cities With YGG SEA

YGG SEA, the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, is a decentralised autonomous organisation for acquiring and managing NFTs used in the metaverse. Their mission is to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia. Commitment, growth and development of Web3 ecosystems, empowerment, creator economies and games, our partnership with YGG SEA will focus on bringing Buddy Arena to the region. The guild will assist Affyn in Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur. They will help facilitate connections and collaborations amongst players, as well as gather valuable feedback on how we can improve the game experience.

Expanding Our Reach With FOMO Asia In Singapore & Hong Kong

FOMO Asia is a global movement building trust for Web3 communities with events that feature top global speakers, controversial issue discussions, networking opportunities, and cultural experiences for participants. Through this partnership, Affyn is able to leverage FOMO Asia’s event planning expertise to organize strategic Buddy Arena: Meet & Play events in Singapore and Hong Kong, to reach a wider pool of new audiences beyond the gaming community.

Join The Buddy Arena Closed Alpha Battle Now

Buddy Arena Closed Alpha launch will be a major milestone for us, and we are excited to have our community join us on this journey. Our objective is to provide a gameplay overview of what NEXUS World would be like and gather feedback on the game experience to help us make Buddy Arena the best it can be before the official launch. Buddy Arena Closed Alpha will be accessible from 31 May 2023, 12PM UTC to 17 June 2023, 12PM UTC. Register your interest on Affyn Events Hub and you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to download and access the app. You will need an Affyn Marketplace account to log in to the game. During this Closed Alpha period, there are several ways for you to win a Guaranteed or Allowlist spot to the OG Edition Mythical Buddy FREE mint NFTs. Check out our Wiki page for more details on Buddy Arena: Closed Alpha.

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