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Learning Process with, AfriAngels — Learning, to Develop a Social Impact Career

Are you working on Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs?


If you are reading this means that you are working hard to develop a career or a project in the Social Sector, this means that you don’t need an explanation of the 17 SDGs set by the United Nations. In case you are a reader interested in the social impact, here a powerful article that shows what are the 17 goals.

Therefore to achieve these goals we need to work together and towards these common goals which at first seems very difficult but with a strategic plan and execution will lead to progress step by step, day by day, Goal by Goal.

Afriangels’ aim, the project which I work for, is to reduce the barriers of the work opportunities, SDG n°8, giving the possibility to the less advantaged people to get in touch with startups and enterprises that need their skills, matching the demand and supply; in the second place we work also in order to support the education, SDG n°4 with online material and ad-hoc courses gathering the verified and tested on courses this will give to anyone everywhere the possibility to learn anything anywhere with just a device and an internet connection.

Towards the SDGs and willing to make this world a better place we are delighted to announce that the below list has been created for you in order to let you get a 360° of what, you’ll need to build and sustain your Social Impact Venture and learn how to behave in an entrepreneurial world.

You can and must apply entrepreneurship in every moment and stage of your life. this means that this course will help you advance in your career, build your project or join an NGO.

Start now and enjoy it!

Course 1.0)

Shape a Better World (Course End on 3 March 2020)

Course 1.1)

Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development (Course End on 23 February 2020)

To develop impactful innovations for sustainable development.

Course 1.2)

Marketing Management (Course End on 12 August 2020)

Apply marketing management

Course 1.3)

Business Communication (Course End on 11 February 2020)

Communicate and build professional relationships

Below the credential to log-in in the platform

full name: Afri Angels

PW: Better2020

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