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Why early stage African startups should ‘throw out’ traditional business plans

Staying in business plans and theory and talk just won’t get you that far
— Camille Kramer C., designer & co-founder at Baobab

DAKAR, SENEGAL — A team of eight innovators is devoting itself to providing African entrepreneurs with the tools they need to launch thriving startups in Africa. Their motto, to be successful, ‘throw out the traditional business plan.’

Forget the Business Plan, ask ‘Who are your clients?’

Camille Kramer C. discussing product value in Concree’s October workshop.

“The end goal is really to have a platform that helps every entrepreneur in Africa start a project with the right tools and methodologies. And really just help their own country develop — Ibrahima Mall, Baobab Digital Manager

Your plan should be to build your MVP

“We are giving them the skills to be autonomous but still the safety net of a method instead of a fixed business plan,” Kramer C. said. The co-founders said most business schools in West Africa teach young people to set up a business plan projecting how their company will grow over its first twelve months. But Baobab’s Digital Manager, Ibrahima Mall said, that’s just not realistic for those in the earliest stages of development.

Co-founder Babacar Birane helps aspiring seafood business owner Francis Ngom find value in his product.
Team CONCREE. From Left: Babacar Birane, co-founder, Ibrahima Mall, and Karamokho Badianem, co-founder, legal and international.



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