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4 Irresistible Characteristics Of African Women.

Irresistible Characteristics of African Women
What makes African women irresistible

African woman, amazing being. Congratulations to you if you have ever been called “A true African woman” as a way of describing your personality. What makes up this phrase to describe any woman is far beyond her beauty. It’s to tell of how a woman is able to blend up strength, discipline and humility.

African women have what it takes to make you feel like a man in all ramifications. Most African men who grew to the point of maturity in Africa before migrating to the western world and are now married to women from other continents can tell you so well of what they are missing.

An African woman has some outstanding characteristics that makes her irresistible. Among them all is the dark or chocolate skin with a black eye ball. Also their beautiful hair. They can use their hair as they like. They can use it for unlimited styles to make them have a new and different look each day.

The irresistible characteristics of African women are numerous and beyond those mentioned above. I will be giving you 4 irresistible characteristics of African women you might not have known any woman in the world possesses together because of your environment. Kindly pay attention and follow this to the end.

Irresistible Characteristics of African Women

African Women Are Religious.

Prayerful African Women
African women fight battles for their families; both physically and spiritually.

Africa is the most religious continent according to WASHINGTON (RNS) Researchers. “On a continent-wide basis, sub-Saharan Africa comes out as the most religious place on Earth,” said Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, which released the study Thursday (April 15). (Source).

In Africa, women are more religious than men. In any religious gathering you may find yourself in Africa, be rest assured that women will take like 65 to 70 percent of the members. This population can go as high as 90–95% in some gatherings.

An African woman don’t just participate in religious activities for participating sake. Ask her why she is so religious, she will tell you it is because of her children and husband. African women fight battles for their families; both physically and spiritually.

Effective Parenting Style

As tough as a man may seems to be in an average African family settings, women are in most cases active when it comes to child upbringing in Africa.

Among all characteristics of an average African woman, this part is so amazing. African women can prove to you that they are two edged sword. One side is friendly and another is tough. An African woman can defend her children even when they are at fault in the public, and scold them in the secret. This same woman can handle her children like strangers.

African woman has different ways of building a child, and one of them apart from beating is eye contact communication. This approach is appropriately use when she is outside with her child or they have a visitor in their house. An African woman can tell you ‘Greet the visitor very well’, ‘Don’t you know you should get the visitor a cup of water?’ ‘Excuse us, we have something to discuss’, ‘Don’t collect that money from the visitor’ etc. with eye contact.

Eye contact approach is so interesting that you both communicate without a word and everyone will be happy at last. You want to see the other side of an African mother when giving you the eye contact? You just pretend as if you did not understand. She will make you understand using the worst approach when the visitor is no more with you.

The coding and the decoding part of mother and child in Africa with the eye contact is an experience you will love. It is so amazing and interesting. If the coding and the decoding go so smoothly, the home will be at peace that day. If otherwise, the child should know he is into something bigger than him intermediately the visitor stepped out.

As strange as this could be to western world man or woman, this is what makes the well cultured and disciplined nature you see in Africans. African children complain of all these approaches of being disciplined by mothers too, but we are always happy we got the training from them whenever we are of age in life.

Read more on “Reflections on Africa’s Indigenous knowledge on parenting” published by Parenting in Africa Network (PAN)

Attractive Look (curvy and sexy)

African women’s attractive curves
Mercy Johnson Okojie, Nigerian famous actress

African women have the most attractive look. When it comes to where you can ever see amazing women that you cannot but just look more than twice while you get lost in thought, Africa is naturally blessed with them.

African women are known to have this exceptional beauty feature that makes them look so attractive to any man. There is no other continent that can provide you with such an amazing figure like in Africa.

Well cultured (respectful)

African women are well cultured. One of the few things a woman can do to get into any man throughout the universe is ‘To respect’. Man by nature love it when they are honoured and valued as men and not when they are being taken for granted.

Even in the western world where there seems to be gender equality, men still value and cherish it when they get respect from their woman. Laura Doyle shared her experience to tell her readers what men want in a relationship and the first of five is respect. You will not want to joke with this as a man no matter where you live on the planet earth.

How do you respect a man to make him happy? Be mindful of how you talk to him in open places. Learn how to consider his opinion on matters of your home. Let him feel the vibes that he is the head.

As this is a general want of all men in the world, African men are blessed to naturally get this from their women. The idea of being a respectful continent is natural for African women. The upbringing of an African child also helps to make it so easy for them to have this trait any man wants from his woman.

We cannot but accept the fact that integration of ‘civilization’ is really affecting African culture in some areas which are leading factors to the high rate of divorce. Read “Divorce Rate in Nigeria Compared To Western World.”

Despite this, when still placed side by side with other continents, you can only have this heartwarming feature from an African woman.

This article is not to condemn the great and unique features of women from other continents, but to solely appreciate African women. Feel free to tell more about women from your continent or country in the comment box. Let us know how amazing they are.

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Understanding people’s culture is a way of understanding their lifestyles. Culture is a way of life. Bringing the knowledge of African culture to the finger tips of readersworld wide is a way of telling about African people and why they are who they are.

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