Reggae: The Story You Probably Never Heard

Reggae is a popular kind of music coming from Jamaica. Popular artists like Bob Marley were known for this kind of music. Reggae’s roots are deeply African American, with genres like Dub coming out of it and subgenres like Dancehall were created out of it. When Jamaican population changed in the 50s, at that time, urban migration and social changes which accompanied industrialization created a demand for a faster and electrified dance music. By 1959, rhythm and blues went down under the commercial shockwave of rock-and-roll and local record producers tried to find a new dance music. Reggae relates to its African roots to celebrate who the Jamaicans are, their culture and their heritage with certain African traits like call-and-response, added rhythms, a metronomic pulse, constant repetition of rhythmic and melodic figures and phrases, musical individuality within collectivity as well as slides and elisions to express emotions regarding to rejection, marginalization, system exploitation, and social, cultural and political resonnance.

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