If Only All The #BlackLivesMatter and Feminists Could Learn This One Thing Only This One!

Its called RESPECT, say what? You need to read through!

Image Source: www.occupy.com

DISCLAIMER: I am a proud feminist, planning to launch a female centric magazine, if thats not, I don't know what is. I am also full black, from heard to toe (not just that) living in Africa, so #BlackLivesMatter it is!

Now that we have established our relation, what am I saying?

This could just work for any group that feel disrespected and under appreciated, taken for granted, but I have just decided to focus on these two groups (women & blacks) which I kinda understand (a little?)

All we need (all the women need) is respect, this is the fight all the movements are calling out for, ‘please respect us, stop taking us for granted, stop undermining us!’

And what do you know, we all realize that time to beg for respect is past over due and we are frustrated by racist bustards who don’t see the need for what we are calling for, I mean if you are still asking why black people and women are making all this noise today, are you stupid?

We say #BlackLivesMatter not because its the only life that matters, but to put emphasis on it, not to undermine other races, but to remind them we are here 🙋 and going nowhere until we get our due respect.


I am really proud of the achievements my fellow black brothers and sisters are making. ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!’

But then again, I am saddened by my black fellows who look at Africa and see a sorry state that has nothing to offer the world. This is exactly how racist whites would see you and the same thing you are fighting! I know (I know) Africa is still developing, we still have a few ‘state of the art’ clichés I know!

But c’mon we getting there!

The ignorance people possess about Africa is the same ignorance people have about black people everywhere!

Let me tell you something you don’t want to hear: Africa’s state is defining how black people are seen anywhere in the world! Wait what? 😕

Yes part of all those arrogant and ignorant racist bustards look at the home of black people, Africa, and say what good can come out of these black people! Look at Africa, their original home (damn so arrogant!)

Before you go anywhere thinking I am trying to advocate for Africa here (although I always do), read the next lines!

The problem most races are facing is far from being just a skin color problem, sorry to say (I feel its the truth!)

Its about preconceived opinions other races have over another. Ignorant white folks (I didn't say all whites are ignorant!) have long believed that almost all black people are violent (explaining why police shot blacks without thinking twice! — not an excuse for murder!) They believe black people are not that intelligent and prolly don’t give a penny about being clean and presentable.

These prejudices are all wrong and messed up, just like any race not all black people are violent, just like any race we have a lot of intelligent people (was tempted to name a few, but like I said we have many!) We are also smart and presentable!

The best way to fight prejudice is proving it wrong!

If women and blacks want respect, its okayish to demand it! Let them know we want it! Let them feel it!

What if our demands fell on deaf ears, shall we continue to demand? Wont this become begging?

I feel like if you demanding something for so long and you still not getting it, you end looking like you are begging, which we shouldn't do, we have no master anymore!

So what now? Prove them wrong! The image of women being all slutty will be erased by more women being professional (not degree but life professional!) The more women refuse to be objectified the more men realize women are more than just their bodies!

The more black people take on responsible roles in society, the more respect we earn. If the #BlackLivesMatter movement could just focus a little on shaming black people doing bad staff too, because this is the staff thats hating the black people’s image.

I am not asking the black community to prove to anyone we are a good community, we are we know that. I am asking us to respect ourselves! Lets end the clichés associated with our race.

As most people in the diaspora laugh at the continent called Africa, we are making moves, we are waking up and realizing respect is not demanded, respect is earned!

We need to teach people to respect us by setting principles for ourselves and for anybody who wants to interact with us.

Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng, South Africa (Source: www.southafrica.net)

Once you start respecting yourself, other people will start to too. Women have more to give to this world other than their sexiness, stop the insanity that is booty worship! Be pretty, be amazing, be strong, be humble, be good, but don’t be a cliché!

When all these group start working towards improving themselves not other people’s opinions of who they are, thats when we start winning! Respect should be given to everyone, its their right, I know, but lets face the truth — its not the truth, respect is given to those who deserve it!