The Key Is To Love Yourself: Finding Happiness Series

I hope I will be able to stress this point enough. I think it is one of the most important of all the points I have raised in this series so far. I mean to achieve total happiness you need to learn all, but without loving yourself all is in vain.

What I am going to say here is different from taking a selfie and hashtag ‘love myself!’ It is about believing that hashtag, I don’t want you to care about convincing other people that you love yourself, but convincing yourself to love everything about you.

Sometimes we just lose sight of how wonderfully created we are, you should not define yourself the way others do to you. Loving yourself is the crucial stage to finding happiness, there is no happiness in our souls if we hate ourselves. We fail at times, but like I have been saying failing does not make you a failure, you are the best thing God has ever created and you will get it one day, sometimes it take time, but believe in yourself.

Before you can love anyone, you need to do them a favor and love you first. Its not a sin, its not pride to love yourself, how can you love someone without ever loving yourself? How can you know love if you have never experienced it on yourself? Do not fall for anyone before you fall for yourself! Here is why its important, if you don’t love yourself you will not know how to value yourself in any relationship, its like trying to buy shoes with a currency that you do not know its value, how are you going to buy? If you meet a crook in the deal, what happens, they can charge you more than what you are supposed to pay, sometimes they know, maybe they don’t, but its your fault for not knowing the value of your paper. This is why you need to love yourself first, you will know when you are not being treated fairly because you know your value.

Hating yourself will only destroy you and deprive you of happiness, you end up resenting yourself, thinking everybody is better than you and failing to define love. It is one dangerous thing you can do to yourself. Sometimes you end up committing suicide, taking drugs trying to destroy yourself all because you have lost your value not to the world, you are still valuable to the world, but to yourself, you think wrongly about yourself.

If you are girl you may hate yourself because you don’t have a size 1 body or whatever size is trending, maybe you think you are not beautiful. In a world where standards for whats perfect have been set, its normal to feel like you are not enough, but here is the thing, they are just standards set by people like you and me, they don’t define you, your body is beautiful! Start loving it from today and lets see if it wont give you that love back, value your body, value everything that you have on you, every flaw that you have makes you human.

I said this to myself long time ago, ‘I will never fight to be perfect, but will always do whatever I can to be grateful and satisfied with myself.’ That’s enough fuel to keep me going and happy all the way. If you fight for perfection you will never feel satisfied because perfection is idealistic! I used to do a few projects that I now realise would have changed my life a long time ago, but because I wanted them to be perfect they never took off. You life will stay were it is if you don’t stop this today. Instead of searching for perfection, search for satisfaction. Am I satisfied? Then we good!

Start enjoying your life from within, be in sync with your soul! No body is perfect, please know this, even those you admire so much have their own flaws and some you may not believe, but why do they live so happy? You may think its an act but the truth is most of them have found peace with themselves. They learned to love and value themselves before anyone else. Learn to experience life in new ways by loving every bone and every muscle that make you!

I want you to do this every time you do something amazing say, ‘this is why I love myself!’ Why? Because I dont want you to forget that when you tell yourself, ‘I am amazing!’ Don’t let beautiful moments pass you by without noticing, this is how you will never forget that you are amazing. Most times we tend to remember the few mishaps and forget the many good times we have and hate ourselves for that. Today start loving yourself for the awesomeness that you are, the coolness, the fab and all the flaws that give you identity!

Love Yourself and Be Happy :-)


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