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5 African Jewelry Types to Step out at any occasion !

Mami Watta by Lafalaise-dion

1. Cowrie Shell

“Black is King” Visual Album — “Spirit” song’s outfit by Beyoncé Knowles
Janelle Monae for Shape Magazine
African Boho Necklace by Narukicrafts
La ronde Straw Bag by Lafalaise-dion
African Gold Cowrie Shell earrings by Stella Bonin
Tankë Waist Belt by Lafalaise Dion
Gold & Cowries Bracelet by Stella Bonin
Nelly Anklet by Caurine
Goldie Caurine Ring by Caurine

2. Adinkra inspired jewels

Oosiadan Nyame-Adinkras-jewels
Power Abundance Ring by Abi-creations
Abi-creations Ring and Bracelet Set
Power Set (Ring and Bracelet) by Abi-Créations
Mpatapo Bracelet — Adinkras-jewels
MATE MASIE Earrings by Adinkra Jewels
Nea Onnim Earrings by Adinkras-jewels

3. Colorful Beads

Gold Cristal Waist beads by Kunzwax
Maasai Galdiators by Rozzy-african-shop
Leather Handbag by Shopmadeinkenya
Maasai White Sandals by Bettiezack
Maasai Wedding necklace by Narukicrafts
African Necklace by Naheri

4. Fulani sets

Fulani Gold earrings by Hidaaha
Fulani Earrings by Beaute-ethnic
FULANI AZANIA by Gdustylart

5. Global African Culture Symbols

Vango Vango Octogone by Vango Vango
Kezia Wax Necklace by Adinkra Expo
Méroué (Ankh) Ring by SALA
African Map Symbol Earrings by Aidypearls
Jacmel Earrings by Krealakay
“Koumba” earrings (Akan Peas in Bronze) by Abi-creations
“Cayes” wood earrings by Krealakay



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