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Afrikrea 2020 Year In Review

Dear all,

As 2021 is officially launched, for the first time in 5 years, we wanted to share our review of the previous year. 2020 was a strange and uncertain year, that can be summarized in every meaning as “HELL OF YEAR”. Yet, looking back, this is probably the year in which our company grew the most.

For instance, we processed now more than 10 Millions € in 145 countries since starting this venture !
Of this, just in 2020, despite the pandemic and all it’s challenges, there was :
- 6 Millions € or almost 4 Billions CFA of transactions;
- 500k+ visits every month ;
- 2300+ new products each week ;
- 1200+ messages exchanged each day;

Hell of a year , indeed !

But, what matter the most and the first highlight of this year in review was how well our sellers performed in 2020 :

From multi-millions brands like Nanawax or Grass-Fields to starting SMEs like By Odeal, Djeegn, Mister Wax or African Yuva, and with also now famous creatives like LaFalaise Dion, every type of seller in our community stepped up to the challenge and grew their business !

2020 is also the year in which the community finally achieve its true global scale as 70% of transactions are cross countries but the majority of them are coming from Africa and sent to mainly Europe (for the moment) but also the US (grew 3x in 2020).

Afrikrea 2020 Geographic split

Yet the Year in Review is not only about the numbers and the growth, 2020 was also “the year of the change”. And our change was most visible in June 2020 when we reduced commission on the marketplace in half and added a monthly subscription of 10€ instead.

This change was not only a financial one but reflecting a strategic one :

Because our sellers may need new sales channel, but more than that they need support and methods to keep growing in all the platforms they use.
In addition to being the world leader in African culture e-commerce, we aim to become the best partner for all global sellers transacting from and to Africa.

The most obvious of these services is the shipping ,as our sellers used our DHL partnership to send over 10 tons every month, at the best rate and with the easiest experience they ever had !
But that was only the beginning, as this month we launched a long awaited service in our subscription: the personal website ! Now a seller does not have to choose or suffer anymore : they can manage their website with custom domain names, their social medias and their shop on the world leading African culture marketplace, ALL IN ONE PLACE.

From this, our change of 2020 appears more clearly : rather than Etsy , we aim to be the African Alibaba or the Shopify.
And to do so , we not only offer our subscribers the best rates of shipping, the best platform to manage sales and the easiest website building, but also offer them the easiest way to use their funds : introducing the Afrikrea VISA Card !! With this, they can now seamlessly get paid by links on WhatsApp or Instagram, on the platform or their personal website, and through our wallet system withdraw or use the funds anytime they like !

Afrikrea VISA Card

And this is only the first of multiple financial services to come. ;)
In retrospect, this seems like a massive change for those we knew as a simple African fashion marketplace. But in front of the humongous change that our everyday lives faced, and especially for those exporting from and importing in Africa, this is only a small beginning.

As we will celebrate the 5 years since launching at the end of March, we will probably complete our introspection (started here for the first 2 years of this adventure).
Finally, by this anniversary we will have other great news and changes to share, so that 2021 can a heavenly progress for our sellers to make up for the hellish challenge of 2020.

So stay tuned and see you soon !

The Afrikrea Team



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