Afrikrea’s “Secret Master Plan” or our “Vision” over the next 10 years

Jan 26, 2019 · 4 min read
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Our dear Elon @Joe Rogan’s

Personally, I do not really believe in the concept of a “vision”.

Even if Elon Musk made it a mandatory requirement for any worthy “startupper”, I must recognize its usefulness to share common goals, a defined path and “pragmatic dream” to progress efficiently.

So, here is MANSAART (the company behind’s master plan for the next 10 years.

Our vision is that selling and buying African inspired items will be easier than creating an online shop on your own or surfing from one social network to the other, and just as common.

First of all, why African culture rather than another field?

There is 2 big reasons and convictions supporting that:

1) The African culture is the main unlimited, envied and globally accepted asset, that Africans will always own. Unlike natural resources that are limited, produced, sold and controlled by others.

2) The African and black diaspora is the largest community around the world. With different identities and preoccupations, afro-descendants are however bound by a common culture, that they develop and share around them every day.

The African culture, starting with its fashion and art, is both our best asset but also the easiest to monetize and control. Moreover, it is simultaneously the best canal to share its wealth of value around the world.

In addition, along the last decade, we noticed that:

  • African culture, starting with African inspired fashion, gets more and more accolades and interest, from medias to celebrities and including companies of all industries, notably non-African ones, and every year a little more ;
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment, especially in its digital dimension, is pushed as the new standard all over the globe;
  • Meaning and originality become essential drivers of consumption habits and careers, that every individual chooses to adopt ;

These trends will continue to accelerate now that social networks and the Web give them ever affordable and growing reach.

Now imagine that we could leverage these trends to amplify the impact of the Afro culture and lifestyle, all over the world, like does French luxury or Italian gastronomy, with just a few hours of interaction a day.

This is what we will achieve as soon as we have achieved a critical size of transactions and community.

The goal this decade is to foster over 100 millions euros of annual sales and a community of more than 1 million strong over the world.

Which will go through the following steps:

  1. Becoming a profitable company with an exceptional team to ensure our perennity and independence, by reaching at a least half a million euros of monthly sales;
  2. Build an incredible experience of selling together (by the data, support and mutualisation) and buying a part of Africa (through conviviality and trustworthiness) ;
  3. Implement a “Look Good/Do Good” aspect on our platforms, that will give us both the content/revenue to promote our actions AND allow several charitable actions to reach their objectives all while becoming relays to our quest;
  4. Develop a marketplace dedicated to African centric fabrics and materials (and maybe Beauty) to free up the growth of our core public and start the growth in Africa, where this type of product will have more traction than creations, at least for now;
  5. Then, in order to maximise the impact of our data, communities and technology, we might :
  • Implement other dedicated platform for African inspired art for instance, or complementary offers like our own products made in collaboration with designers, brands or partners;
  • Test global solutions of content (like a media) and local physical ones (especially in Africa) to bring the last piece necessary to facilitate and stimulate the experimentation of African culture worldwide;
  • Offer other services as stand alone companies, may it be payments, photography, logistics or other domains where we would be positioned to bring an undeniable value ;

And once this is done, our addressable market will then open up from the ones linked to Africa in the Occident, to include all Africans, Blacks and those we love Africa, all over the world.

This community will naturally be joined by the lovers of originality and ethical consumption with meaning.

Ultimately, we will distribute and produce African culture’s wealth as largely as Japanese food, Latin dances or European lifestyle.

For a “vision”, that is not too shabby I think, but please keep that between us as a secret alright ?


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Afrikrea’s Blog

Le Blog


Written by

Cofounder @Afrikrea aka “Kal-El”, African, casually French, aspirant Japanese and doing what he can to live up to his ambitions.

Afrikrea’s Blog

Le Blog : opinions, analyses et conseils sur la mode africaine l’entrepreneuriat créatif et les startups


Written by

Cofounder @Afrikrea aka “Kal-El”, African, casually French, aspirant Japanese and doing what he can to live up to his ambitions.

Afrikrea’s Blog

Le Blog : opinions, analyses et conseils sur la mode africaine l’entrepreneuriat créatif et les startups

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