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Kadry Diallo
Jun 27, 2019 · 5 min read
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4 billion people

The Internet is much more than a continent. It is a world of its own. Rather than focusing on a country or city, consider selling internationally as a unique opportunity. What could be more exciting than selling online to expand your brand all over the world?

You are an international company

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1 out of 2 orders is placed worldwide

Designers have shipped to 94 countries in total . Together, we represent a multinational company :-).

High shipping fees make the customer run away

Stakes are high. Therefore, if you wish to fill your customers with happiness and joy all over the world, it is crucial that you manage your shipping fees efficiently.

Countries to watch

In the United States, shipping fees have a very strong emotional impact. American customers do not mind buying beautiful designs at a high price but if the shipping fees are high, you will never sell anything there. Buyers from America value good deals and high quality service but high shipping fees will have them run away. You have been warned.

Local or private carrier?

We often get asked if it is better to use a local or a private carrier. It depends on the country. If you have a reliable local postal service, consider it as your main option. To be qualified as reliable, your local post office should offer at least the following services: shipping with a tracking number, and the ability to track the delivery of the package over the Internet.

Beware of customs

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  • Send small packages. It is better to send several small packages (0 to 2kg) than a big one (4 kg for example). You will benefit from cheaper rates, and it will be better to justify your package’s low value.
  • Send the packages under your name instead of your company’s. Indeed, as an individual, you are subjected to taxes from the amount above (45 € for VAT in France instead of 22 € if you were a company)

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