🇺🇸 The market is always right

Using one’s talent to bring happiness is one of the most noble and generous causes.This represents Afrikrea’s designers well, we are extremely grateful to accompany them.
We help them embody both the role of an artist and a small business owner .
It’s so frustrating to see someone spend hours designing products, which unfortunately will not appeal to the intended audience. On the other hand, a reseller can hardly prosper if he does not stand out, with his own designs and a genuine brand.

A designer’s success relies on having the right balance between creativity and the ability to sell.

The market is always right

Regardless of your talent and good will, if your products do not sell, they are not suited to your audience.

A good product is a product that is bought.

Aesthetics isn’t the only factor that counts: you have to listen to your customers, push your best creations and offer the right price.

Listening to your customer base

Who speaks sows. Who listens reaps.
Understanding your customers’ needs is the only way to offer successful products .

Listening is important, and we realize that it requires time. So we created listening tools to give you valuable information and help save days or even weeks of work.

  • Contact your customers directly with the internal messaging, to ask for their opinion on your creations and ways you could improve.
  • With the abandoned shopping cart function, you can access customers who have failed to purchase your products. You can then easily identify their hesitation to buy, contact them as well as offer discounts.
  • The “Product Requests” function is also available to you. If your products are out of stock or have few sizes left, customers can still request to buy them . This enables you to address new opportunities to sell

In addition to getting valuable information, your community will feel even more involved in your business.
Beyond these tools we offer, you need to keep in touch with your audience. Social networks are very important if you want to ensure top of mind awareness among your fan base.

Identify your best-sellers

From the start, a designer must embark on the quest to find her Holy Grail: her bestsellers. These are the most popular goods purchased or requested by customers, and are frequently out of stock.

Bestsellers get your business going and thriving as they ensure consistent turnover.

For example, timeless creations like the black dress of Coco Chanel, or the trench coat of Burberry. These are considered iconic symbols of their brand.

In African fashion, we also have brands like Babatunde with its umbrellas, or Bazara’Pagne whose snoods have created its reputation, and today its wrap dresses have made its success.

Nearly half of our designers do not know their bestsellers, or the potential profit they represent

Again, this information is valuable, and can boost your business in the blink of an eye. If you are on Afrikrea, you are given a list of your most popular or best selling products: these are your best sellers!
Once identified, we recommend your produce them in a broader range of colors and fabrics, — and in high volumes . At the same time, you can also introduce new products through capsule collections, which ideally should be inspired by what is popular and your own innovative ideas

Set your price right

Let’s not hide it, price is the most important factor that affects customer’s buying decisions.

If you take into account all your expenses, calculating your costs will allow you to set a price, where you will not be losing money.

When setting price , the standard in ready-to-wear is about twice the price of materials. You also need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and honestly ask yourself a which price you would be willing to pay to buy your products

A good way to offer an affordable and fair price is to set a goal for your volume of sales. By increasing its quantities, it is possible to achieve economies of scale, and lower unit costs accordingly.

Creating temporary discount offers is another good way to determine the right price for your products. You will see which price gives the most orders (in value or €) and adjust the price accordingly.

Because in the end, customers determine the price.

Thanks to our price comparator, you can also compare the price of a design with the price of a similar product in the same category. You also have access to the given price of our 3 best sellers.

The main challenge for a designer is to be able to express his creativity throughout the products he manufactures, while considering his market. More precisely, you need to create for the customer. The best recognition for an artist remains the moment when a person spends part of his salary to acquire his products . Designers know the immense joy, of making a customer smile thanks to her creations…