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I Write for My Readers

And future readers

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Last month I made 8 dollars. The month before that, it was a little over five dollars. Yes, that’s growth, but it’s similar to watching grass grow in the summer. I’ve written on Medium for over two years, and I have about 4k followers. When I first began, I believed growing a following was everything. Once I reached several thousand followers, the money would roll onto my financial shores like a tsunami. However, instead, it’s gentle lapping at the shore that pays for my Medium subscription.

I don’t know why my work never receives large amounts of fans or claps. I attempt each time I sit in front of a blank screen to create something in the white space that may be valuable to a reader. I don’t believe in wasting people’s time with mediocrity, so I do my very best. Furthermore, in a world that’s a constant blur, time is a valuable commodity. I consider it a privilege when a reader I only know by their picture or avatar takes a few minutes out of their lives to sit with my work. In my opinion, I believe that’s what most writers work for, especially on this platform, where less than 10 percent of writers make 100 bucks a month. If I ever crack that ceiling, I may pass out from the surprise.

In my publication, my work has been centered on racial injustice and race relations. We witnessed a POTUS try and steal an election he lost fair and square. He told the “Big Lie” and fanned the flames of an insurrection that took the lives of five people.

We watched a farce in the United States Senate when the former POTUS was acquitted of a deadly event he built lie by lie for several weeks after the election. Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite who attempted to insult the intelligence of every sensible American. He believes the former President was responsible for the riot at the capitol but didn’t deserve conviction. This is an oxymoron, but he attempted to cover it up with flowery rhetoric and false morality. I wrote a poem titled “A Speaker With Two Tounges” to address my feelings about our government.

Country music was forced to reckon with Morgan Wellen and admit country music is rife with racism and bias. He used a word that stirs up pieces of American history that have cost way too many black lives. Was he canceled, or was it the consequences he deserved? You can read my piece titled “Is it Cancel Culture or Consequences?”

I contemplated the ugliness of the N-word in a poem titled the “Death Certificate of the N-Word.” The word needs to be shot in the head and buried in a deep grave.

Amanda Gorman inspired me to write about the lack of unity in America in a post titled “The Falsehood of American Unity.”

Diversity in the videogame industry was the topic of “My Nine-Year-Old Son’s Spiderman is Black.”

I want to thank every person who takes time from a busy life to spend five minutes with an ole country boy from Louisiana's swamps and the piney forests of Mississippi. I thank you for allowing my muse to sing the blues onto the page. The white void is my friend and tormentor. It’s an unforgiving master, but it's a satisfaction beyond measure when it is filled with your words.

Thanks for reading and peace.



Musings of race, education, and the human condition told thru poetry, short fiction, and essays

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Estacious(Charles White)

Estacious(Charles White)

I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright.

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